Introducing the Wise Blog

Introducing the Wise Blog

By Chazz Sims, Wise Systems CEO

Welcome to our new blog!

In this space, the Wise Systems team and I will look at the challenges and opportunities facing the logistics industry and operators as they strive to adapt to customers’ elevated expectations for reliability, predictability and on-demand service. While it’s a big topic, we’ll do our best to keep things interesting along the way.

The pairing of rapidly expanding demands with legacy — often static — systems means that the industry is simultaneously grappling with increasing internal pressures on finite resources and an acute need for new solutions. And that’s where Wise Systems comes in.

Just as other industries — from ride hailing to on-demand restaurant delivery — are being redefined by mobile and cloud technologies, the logistics industry is also the beneficiary of these same systems. And that’s what we will cover here in Wise Dispatches -- how new thinking and technologies are being harnessed to:

  • Transform operations from static to dynamic,

  • Evolve the roles of dispatchers and drivers,

  • Leverage driver knowledge and expertise,

  • Improve customer communications and expectation setting, and

  • Open new opportunities for customer engagement.

In the coming months we will dive into a variety of topics, including how changing customer demands and technology are reshaping delivery operations, the costs of late deliveries and the last-mile, how machine learning can improve logistics, and the demise of static routing.

And, if you’re up for occasional Wise Systems updates, logistics industry news, and other interesting findings, follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Please reach out if you want to learn more about what we do, as well: