Last-Mile Delivery Software for New York

The state of New York holds one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States, New York City. New York City alone holds hundreds of thousands of businesses that rely on successful last-mile delivery operations. In addition to NYC, New York state is filled with other smaller cities making it home to so many businesses to utilize fleets. To ensure that these business operations are productive, accurate, and efficient, it is crucial for them to use modern, AI-driven routing and dispatch software.

Route Optimization Software for New York

Wise Systems cloud-based dynamic routing software provides so many benefits for fleet operations throughout New York. Our autonomous routing software works to schedule the most optimal routes for each driver within a fleet. Our routing software and route planner app will update and change routes based on external factors such as weather, traffic, and more. Because of this, your fleet can be assured that you have the most optimized routes planned.

Customer Service for New York

Any successful business needs to have excellent customer service, especially companies that offer delivery services to customers. Wise Systems’ software creates a communication channel between managers, dispatchers, drivers, and customers with our customer portal feature. The customer portal regularly updates customers with up-to-date delivery information, including real-time ETA’s, how many stops the driver is away, any delay updates, and more. Creating this visibility between customers and drivers can really benefit businesses from a customer service perspective. 

Routing Analytics Software for New York

Our routing and dispatch software also provides companies with in-depth analytic reports with crucial final-mile information from fleets. These daily, weekly, and monthly reports provide insights, including on-time delivery percentages, mileage, driver delays, and more. These reports are indispensable for New York based companies allowing them to identify areas to improve and optimize their fleet operations.

Fleet Management Software for New York

If your final-mile delivery company is looking to improve efficiency, productivity, and fleet operations, contact Wise Systems at (857) 327-5802 or fill out an online contact form. Learn more about how our fleet management software works by requesting a demo

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