Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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Third-party logistics operations have become many businesses’ secret weapon — around 80% of Fortune 500 companies outsource a portion of their logistics operations to 3PLs, providing an increasing array of services to their clients. With more shippers tasking 3PLs with managing their fleets comes increasing pressure for those fleets to perform more efficiently, operate with lower costs, and exceed customer service expectations. This is easier said than done, so savvy 3PL fleets are increasingly looking to next-generation dispatching and routing software, whether tackling long-haul or the last-mile routes. Like other successful delivery operations, high-performance 3PL fleets must:
  • Efficiently execute planned routes
  • Respond rapidly to last-minute orders
  • Have fleetwide visibility for dispatchers
  • Let customers know when to expect their deliveries
  • Leverage drivers’ expertise
  • Optimize performance for maximum profitability fleet efficiency
But, for many 3PLs, traditional route optimization software lacks the flexibility and responsiveness to meet the their daily challenges. Wise Systems can help. Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatch and Routing platform quickly brings 3PL fleets to a higher level of performance, developing robust schedules across the fleet and expertly managing them to optimize performance and efficiency. Wise Systems:
  • Provides dispatchers with a real-time view of their fleet, along with the power to add new appointments to driver schedules. New schedules instantly appear on driver mobile devices — all without any phone calls.
  • Constantly monitors route progress and alerts dispatchers and drivers when it detects delays in the original planned route. Wise Systems then automatically adjusts the schedule to avoid delays and maximize efficiency.
  • Helps fleets improve customer service with easy-to-use applications that let dispatchers, drivers, and customers communicate important information, including ETA and route status.
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to learn from past fleet performance and build more efficient routes in the future.
3PLs confront a variety of fleet management challenges and need a software that can help them exceed their customers’ expectations. Wise Systems gives 3PL fleets the tools they need to succeed. Many teams integrate Wise Systems with their traditional transportation management software to add dynamic and real-time routing to their operations.

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