Integration, Implementation & Support



As a key operations technology, routing platforms need to interface seamlessly with other enterprise systems for the smooth exchange of order data and other information. Wise Systems offers an open API for easily communicating with many types of systems, and has established integrations with a number of order management platforms.




Cloud-based and flexible, Wise is fast and easy to deploy, and doesn’t require expensive on-premise software installations. Wise offers a variety of implementation alternatives so that you can bring the benefits of Autonomous Dispatching and Routing to your team today. Whether you’re considering the full system, or would like to start with real-time routing for dispatchers and drivers, and use others over time, there’s an easy path to making your fleet more dynamic.



Customer Service and Support

Wise Systems provides hands-on training and support, and ongoing phone and portal access. Every customer has a dedicated account manager to help manage their deployment and rollout, and to ensure that they are getting the most benefit from the platform. Wise has dedicated support lines and rapid issue-response times.