Live Delivery Notifications

Real-time order updates for customers

Real-time visibility is a must-have for high-performing fleets, and Wise Systems delivers. The Wise Dispatcher cloud-based application was specifically created to address dispatchers’ and operations teams’ needs by giving them an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that shows locations of all vehicles on the road, current road conditions, and real-time delivery ETAs. 

More specifically, as drivers move through the delivery day, Wise Systems shows the dispatching team the status of all drivers. When drivers arrive at and depart from each location, Wise displays live delivery notifications for dispatchers and management. Teams also have clear status indicators — green for on-time, yellow for at-risk, and red for late. They can modify plans and contact customers if necessary. 

This allows for clear visibility across your team, and allows for quick changes as needed to ensure efficiency in your operations. This also helps give your customers a clear understanding of when to expect the delivery, eliminating calls between customers and your team.