Machine Learning Engineer

Cambridge, MA

Who we are:

Wise Systems is transforming the way that companies deliver goods and services, empowering today’s fleets to be more efficient and customer-driven. Our cloud-based autonomous dispatch and routing system dynamically manages all aspects of delivery operations with intuitive yet powerful user experiences for drivers, dispatchers and delivery recipients, and increasing levels of automation to support large fleets. At the core of our platform is a powerful optimization engine that uses machine learning to continuously improve operations and adapt to the realities delivery drivers face on the road each day.

Wise Systems came out of MIT inspired by the goal of using data to make cities smarter. We fell in love with the unique scale and complexity of the challenges faced by the logistics industry and the real-world impact smart technology could make.

Based in Cambridge, MA, The Wise Systems team values initiative and expects everyone to take on responsibility and to grow in their roles. Our diverse team is made up of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and skills. We share curiosity and a passion for producing quality technology.

Your Position:

As a Machine Learning Engineer you will have a leading role in our machine learning development efforts.

Wise Systems utilizes the data generated by customer operations to predict and prepare them for the future, optimally adapting plans around the reality fleets face on the ground. We are constantly finding new ways to apply machine learning to making our customers more efficient and dynamic.

You will have the opportunity to leverage machine learning techniques to build processes to gather insights from a high volume of data from multiple sources. You will develop systems to efficiently process the data in our platform. You will ultimately be responsible for developing powerful software systems that reinforce our place as a market leader in machine learning and delivery software.

You will be on the Wise Systems data team, but also working alongside many different members of the Wise Systems team, from our wider product and engineering teams to our sales and customer experience teams. You will get the opportunity to creatively solve problems, design features, and independently manage your projects. As you grow, you will have the opportunity to take a position managing a team of engineers as a lead or architect.

Your Day-to-Day:

  • Researching machine learning techniques and applying them to customer data

  • Designing and deploying new machine learning-focused features

  • Working with a team of data scientists and engineers to build scalable, end-to-end ML and data solutions

  • Working with large and varied datasets to create new datasets and process both structured and unstructured data into a form suitable for analysis

  • Architecting and designing ML/Data pipelines and applications that are performant, robust, and scalable

  • Learning the different AI/data science components/models in order for the algorithm to be properly translated into production code

  • Partnering with technology teams to deploy and monitor data/machine learning pipelines

  • Designing and implementing solutions that increase the team’s iteration speed

  • Writing production-grade code to implement robust data/machine learning pipelines

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Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!