Operations Research Scientist Intern

Cambridge, MA

Who we are: 

Wise Systems builds cloud-based autonomous dispatching and routing software that is used by some of the world’s largest fleets to improve both fleet efficiency and customer service. At Wise, we’ve built the platform to transform delivery operations. Wise's cutting-edge technology is built on proprietary algorithms for real-time route and schedule optimization for multiple vehicle routing problems. By integrating machine learning into vehicle routings, Wise is enabling companies to be more innovative and efficient and helping enable smarter and more sustainable cities.

Based in Cambridge, MA, Wise Systems was started out of MIT and has grown steadily, building an incredible, diverse team that shares a deep commitment to our customers’ success. Wise also has a highly engaged network of advisors, mentors, and investors passionate about enabling new standards and capabilities in delivery and logistics through engineering and data science.

As we continue to grow we’re excited to bring together people who are curious, ambitious, and creative. If you are excited about solving real-world problems and building powerful and usable products, we need you.

What we are looking for:

Wise is looking for an Operations Research Scientist Intern. At Wise, Operations Research Scientists (OR Scientist) work on designing and building our platform for real-time logistics optimization and analysis. Wise's OR Scientists are adept at designing and implementing optimization and machine learning algorithms and are able to implement optimization methods through code. The position requires advanced studies in Operations Research and associated topics, and significant knowledge and experience in linear and integer problems.

OR Scientists spend the bulk of their time researching and building the most advanced optimization algorithms that power the Wise platform. They are working towards enhancing the current body of research in last-mile logistics and operations contributing to the field through white papers, patents, or present at research expos where applicable.


  • Research and stay on top of leading optimization research literature

  • Develop cutting-edge real-time optimization algorithms for last-mile operations

  • Implement and deploy optimization algorithms through the Wise platform

  • Continuously improve optimization algorithms

  • Improve algorithms to comply with customer requirements and leading literature


  • Advanced degree in Operations Research coupled with research and publication experience

  • Significant experience constructing and improving optimization algorithms

  • Familiar with optimization packages such as CPLEX, Gurobi etc.,

  • Programming skills in Java, Scala, and/or C

Please send resumes in PDF format to hiring@wisesystems.com. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!