Wise Systems Products

Tap the power of Machine Learning to automate your logistics.


Build, Analyze, and Implement

Wise Scheduler

Dynamically build and dispatch optimized route plans, instantly planning around all your unique variables and constraints. Planners can also analyze route alternatives and assess impact.


Wise On-Demand Dispatch

With Wise, companies have the flexibility to offer on-demand capabilities without incurring significant costs. When new orders are received, Wise automatically identifies the optimal driver to take the tasks based on a variety of constraints and dispatches them.

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 Wise Systems Route Optimization Software - iPad and Phone Screenshots Execute


Real-Time Visibility and Adjustment

Wise Dispatcher

Wise Dispatcher allows managers to monitor routes, including delivery progress, ETAs for each delivery, and driver performance. Once routes are created -- either in Wise or uploaded -- the system automatically dispatches routes to drivers’ mobile devices. Dispatchers can adjust routes, quickly respond to customer needs, and access analytics and insights.


Wise Drive

Drivers receive interactive routes on their mobile device (iOS or Android). In the background, real-time optimization algorithms automatically adjust and re-optimize throughout the day, keeping drivers on time and efficient. Driver tools, including customer notification, notes, and proof of delivery, enable drivers to offer better customer service.


The Key to Continuous Improvement

Wise Analytics

Machine learning algorithms use data to improve the power and accuracy of routing by adjusting to how your routes perform on the ground, delivering improved fleet performance over time. Wise Analytics also help operations teams understand fleet performance and the gap between plan and actual. The Analytics dashboard provides updated performance information for complete visibility into your fleet and KPIs.

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