Updates: Real-Time Fleet Management

Full Visibility for Managers, Merchandisers & Field Reps

In addition to customers, other people on the team need to know when deliveries are being made. The easiest way is the Updates app from Wise Systems. No unanswered calls to drivers. No back-and-forth calls and texts among the team.

Routing Software With Real-Time Updates

The Updates app lets anyone on the team ‘follow’ drivers’ stops so they can coordinate arrival at various locations or verify drivers’ progress when they’re in the field. By providing clear optics to all the members of your delivery team you can decrease miscommunication and improve efficiency. Notifications from the Wise Systems’ app can ensure that multiple members of your team are aware of changes in schedule.

With Updates, it’s easy to: 

  • Track delivery arrival
  • See real-time ETAs
  • Follow multiple drivers’ progress

Static Vs Dynamic Routing Updates

One of the core strengths of Wise Systems’ fleet management software is its flexibility. Our program is adaptable to your fleet’s unique needs. Switching to dynamic routing overnight can be a difficult adjustment. That is why Wise Systems’ provides hybrid models. Regardless of whether your team is using static routing, zone-based routing, dynamic routing, or a hybrid model; your entire fleet can have access to updates and notifications. 

Our software is designed around the principle of optimization. Beyond simply improving how routes are optimized, updates and notifications improve efficiency between dispatchers, drivers, and other parties. Real-time data means every member of the team is on the same page. Increased communication can prevent confusion, late arrivals, and similar issues.

Reload Route Updates

Our routing update features are also useful in optimizing more complex routes. Companies that require reloading at a depot, or fleets that need to make multiple stops, can utilize the updates feature to ensure drivers are on track. Real-time ETAs and arrival notifications can help employees at depots or warehouses prepare accordingly for the next driver’s arrival.

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