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Real-Time Driver Location

Know how your fleet’s performing in real time

Drivers on the road are the pulse of delivery fleets. From moment to moment, knowing where drivers are and how their deliveries are going is management’s way of seeing how their business is performing. With real-time driver locations displayed across the Wise Systems’ platform, operations teams know exactly where all drivers are throughout the day and can see arrival statuses of orders displayed in color-coded blocks (for example, green is on-time, red is late). At a glance in the Wise Dispatcher application, fleet management knows how the day is going and which drivers might need additional attention or support.

Wise Updates, the Wise Systems’ merchandising, sales, and management mobile application shows how the fleet is performing for other parties not directly involved with the dispatch department. With this mobile app, a merchandiser or sales manager can instantly view drivers’ real-time locations and more efficiently coordinate their schedules. (In the driver mobile app, drivers can also see which teammates are keeping an eye on their orders.) 

Wise Systems eliminates communication barriers by providing seamless real-time visibility into drivers’ locations. This elevates fleet performance with the necessary tools to make changes based on day-of delivery progress.