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SAP.iO Program and Demo Day

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Wise Systems is honored to have participated in Foundry New York Fall 2020, an innovative program developed and managed by SAP.iO, the early-stage venture arm of SAP. The program, which kicked off in September of 2020, included a cohort of six startups. Each tackles problems related to COVID-19 recovery and is led by diverse founders. Next Thursday, SAP.iO’s three-month accelerator will culminate in Demo Day, a livestream in which every startup will pitch and reflect on their progress in the program. (Register for the event here.)

Wise System’s Integration with SAP’s S/4HANA

In the course of the program, Wise Systems and the other participants have explored partnership and integration opportunities with the expansive SAP organization and developed a strong understanding about SAP’s vast product ecosystem. In the near future, Wise Systems will offer a direct integration to SAP’s S/4HANA. Wise Systems will pull orders from the ERP into the platform, create optimal routes, and then synchronize the routing data back to SAP to improve the efficiency and service of fleets using SAP. Through Wise Systems’ deep technology, real-time dynamic routing, and exceptional, modern user experience, SAP’s clients will have even more ways to optimize their last-mile logistics operations. Wise Systems expects to go live on SAP’s App Center later this year.

In addition to building strong relationships with mentors, SAP executives, and engineering leads, the Wise Systems team has appreciated the opportunity to connect with SAP customers and work alongside other innovative startups. The participating companies solve complex, important issues.For example:

  • Rheaply offers a solution that helps large organizations reuse products they’ve already purchased, eliminating waste and enabling the circular economy;
  • HERO creates a mobile application that makes ordering online feel like in-person shopping; and
  • LISNR develops point-of-sales purchase authentication software that uses ultrasonic technology.

These short descriptions do not do justice to the inspiring work of each startup in the SAP.iO cohort. To meet all of the startups and get a glimpse of the work we’ve been doing with SAP, join us for Demo Day on Thursday, January 21st.

If your organization runs on SAP and would like to pilot the Wise Systems integration, contact See you next week at SAP.iO’s Demo Day.

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