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The 411 on Enterprise Dispatch Transformation

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

What, exactly, is Enterprise Dispatch Transformation, and should I be doing it?

We’re only half joking. Today, everything is being “transformed.” The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries, and many business processes that were once manual and cumbersome are being fundamentally changed by digital technology and the opportunity to take advantage of data to become more agile. Digital transformation strategies aim to not just modernize business infrastructure but ultimately aim to reap the benefits that digitization brings – automation, efficiency, and improved customer service.

Enterprise Dispatch Transformation is a core part of an overall digital transformation strategy for businesses with last-mile operations. It’s the ability to automate your last-mile planning, routing, and dispatch operations. Unfortunately, digital transformation initiatives across the enterprise often overlook the opportunity to incorporate dispatch operations. However, automating last-mile systems and processes has an outsized impact in driving ROI and increasing customer loyalty and engagement, ensuring that every aspect of an organization’s technical maturity grows in lockstep.

Learn About Autonomous Dispatch & Routing For Last-Mile Delivery

Ali Kamil , Wise Systems’ CTO and co-founder, has written the “Dispatch Transformation Playbook ,” an eBook on planning your dispatch transformation to gain efficiencies and position your organization for the future. The eBook covers:

Assessing Your Organization

  • 5 Levels of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing
  • Who Benefits from a Dispatch and Routing Transformation Project?
  • Key Considerations for Project Execution


How Machine Learning Impacts Last-Mile Delivery

As the machine learning pioneer in the last-mile industry, Wise Systems is helping customers to reach more than 90 percent fleet utilization, which translates into reduced costs and increased revenues. By automating your last-mile routing and dispatching processes and system, you’ll create greater value for your customers and your business. And although dispatch transformation is a similar concept across industries, you’ll want a technology partner that understands your particular industry. Wise Systems has experience across industries from food and beverage to parcel and courier services, and many other industries, as well.

In addition to downloading our eBook , we’d also like to invite you to watch our on-demand 30 minute webinar, “Planning Your Dispatch Transformation” where Ali Kamil reviews the opportunities that a comprehensive dispatch-transformation project holds.

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