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The Mathematical Solution for Last-Mile Customer Service

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Not that anyone really wants to go back to basic algebra, but it’s worth a quick refresher as we look at customer service in the last mile and how transitive laws apply.

The statement “if A=B and B=C, then A=C” in math applies to many situations, including customer service in the last-mile delivery world. In this realm, if:
A poor driver experience = A
A poor customer experience = B
A poor brand experience = C
Then, a poor driver experience (A) = A poor brand experience (C). Yikes!

The converse is also true. To make that equation work, it would read:
A great driver experience = A
A great customer experience = B
A great brand experience = C
Then, a great driver experience = a great brand experience.

Yes, it’s an oversimplification of the many steps between the driver experience and the overall brand experience, but at a high level, it’s not wrong. So what does that mean for your customer-service goals? It means that you start with your drivers because they’re the key to customer experience and a great brand reputation.


For a driver, a great experience is one without disruption.

By considering the many factors involved – i.e. traffic, parking, and specific time windows – you can minimize these disruptions and begin to streamline the driver’s day. A more seamless day for your drivers means more on-time deliveries and improved customer service for your end consumers.

As for customers, what they want is accuracy, predictability, and, when needed, flexibility. They want to know that their orders are going to be on time every time and to be able to see where their orders are in real-time and when they will arrive.

However, in order to meet those expectations, everyone involved in your delivery experience needs the tools to succeed in their roles. Drivers need a command and control center that helps them navigate their days, not just their routes. Customers need to see ETAs and any updates from their drivers. And, dispatchers need visibility to make sure orders stay on track and reroute if necessary.

The question is whether the systems you use address all of these roles and their concerns.

The question is whether the systems you use address all of these roles and their concerns. If not, it’s time to consider investing in a cloud-based dispatch and routing software that supports each of these key stakeholders. Empower your team to excel in their roles and enable them to transform the experience for your customers and deliver on your brand promise. Sounds simple enough right?

If you’re ready to move forward, you may find this toolkit helpful as you plan your last-mile optimization project: 5 Steps for a Successful Last-Mile Delivery-Management Project

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