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Route Optimization Software

Create the most efficient routes for your fleet

Wise Systems’ next-generation route optimization software quickly creates efficient route plans for fleets using AI and machine learning to optimize business results and improve customer service. Fleet management and dispatchers can tailor route optimization solutions to their operation's needs.

When building and optimizing routes, the software offers a range of routing strategies, factors in traffic and weather, respects customer time windows, gives priority to important customers, considers commercial truck travel times and drivers' available shifts, and provides many other ways to create fleet-specific routes. Even after routes are created, the system continues to optimize them in real time using in-route optimization which analyzes real-time traffic and weather as well as the drivers’ route progress to keep teams on-time and on-plan. 

The Wise system uses machine learning with your own fleet’s historical data to improve routing results and drive measurable business value to fleets.

The Wise Systems' route optimization platform delivers significant savings, reducing fleet’s overall mileage driven and late deliveries, and improving fleet utilization. In many cases, Wise enables fleets to complete the same workload with fewer vehicles and drivers. Next-generation route optimization software creates real impact and offers a differentiated competitive advantage for many fleets.