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Customer Service can make or break your business, which is why Wise Systems’ next-generation routing platform is designed to help you improve both fleet efficiency and customer service. The Wise platform offers a range of capabilities that help ensure that customer deliveries arrive on time, and that your team can seamlessly communicate all key information so customers know when to expect their orders.

Customer Portal with Live Delivery Updates

Customers want to know the status of their delivery and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Wise Customer Portal gives customers an email or SMS link to a live web page showing key information such as driver, ETA and route progress throughout the day.

Live Delivery Notifications

As drivers move through the delivery day, Wise shows the dispatching team the status of all drivers. When drivers arrive to and depart from each location, Wise sends notifications to dispatchers and management. Teams have clear status indicators — green for on-time, yellow for at-risk, and red for late. They can modify plans and/or contact customers if necessary.

Proof of Delivery

The Wise Driver application enables drivers to quickly capture proof of delivery for all customers through electronic signatures and photos.

Barcode scanning is also available if your business requires this form of proof of delivery. Wise securely stores your customers’ historical proof of delivery data and keeps the information readily available.

Automated Customer Communication (Message ETA)

Wise streamlines customer communication enabling drivers to send automated messages to customers throughout the day with delivery status updates and ETAs. Wise also offers options as to which customers receive updates and how frequently they receive them. Options include:

Wise can automatically send email or text messages to customers based on your operational requirements.

Dispatchers and drivers can send pre-drafted emails or texts to customers

With a web link, the Wise Customer Portal lets your customers check the real-time status of their order and location of their delivery driver