Day-of delivery makes or breaks transportation operations. Real-world issues including traffic, weather, cancellations, new orders and more, often wreck perfectly constructed plans. But that doesn’t need to happen. Wise Systems’ cloud-based Autonomous Dispatch and Routing platform manages and optimizes day-of delivery, and mitigates the impact of potential issues on your fleet.

Dispatch Software

Wise Systems’ platform includes the Wise Dispatcher application that optimizes last-mile delivery operations. With Wise, dispatchers and fleet managers have:

  • Real-time visibility into fleet locations

  • Real-time status updates on all drivers, including progress against plan

  • Ability to automatically or manually assign new orders to drivers

  • Ability to seamlessly rearrange route schedules during the day

  • Easy access to fleet KPIs with comprehensive fleet-wide and driver-specific analytics and reports

Driver Mobile Applications

Wise Systems’ mobile application for drivers (available for iOS and Android) offers a suite of valuable tools that help your drivers perform at their very best and exceed customers’ expectations. Wise’s intuitive application takes minutes to learn and includes many features to streamline delivery execution:

  • Route scheduling

  • In-app navigation, with access to Waze, Google Maps and Commercial Truck Routes (separate fee)

  • Key customer information

  • Notes (e.g., reminders about parking or building security codes)

  • Proof of delivery (e-signature and photos)

  • Barcode scanning

  • Exception management

Real-time Driver Status

Wise Systems offers full visibility into your fleet down to the last detail.

Know how your drivers are performing throughout the day and keep an eye on the status of your customers’ deliveries — all without any calls, emails, or texts.

Real-Time Traffic 

Wise Systems incorporates real-time traffic data into day-of delivery routes in order to constantly provide accurate ETAs and ensure drivers fulfill their delivery commitments. Dispatchers can see current traffic conditions in the Wise Dispatcher application while the system continuously monitors and factors those updates into each driver’s route. 

In-Route Optimization

Wise Systems’ powerful platform offers in-route optimization (IRO) that automatically re-optimizes routes based on changes and issues that occur during the delivery day. Wise can shift routes around delays that threaten delivery time windows 

With in-route optimization, the system:

  • Constantly monitors fleet progress, real-time traffic, miles driven, and other business-specific KPIs

  • Seamlessly re-sequences stops if the system detects delays to ensure customers receive their orders within specified time windows

In-route optimization is crucial for ensuring on-time percentage and superior service, while maintaining or increasing fleet efficiency.

On-Demand Orders

Wise Systems’ next-generation routing technology handles on-demand orders throughout the day and adds them to the optimal routes.

As new orders come in, Wise identifies the optimal driver based on their current plan and location and seamlessly integrates new orders into their routes. Set yourself apart from your competition by providing the responsive service customers need.

On-Demand Dispatch

Wise Systems gives companies the flexibility to offer on-demand capabilities with their existing infrastructure. When new orders are received, Wise automatically identifies the optimal driver to take the tasks based on a variety of constraints and dispatches them.

Commercial Truck Routes

Wise offers the option to use commercial truck routes navigation, allowing your drivers to follow navigation specifically customized to the type of vehicle they are operating. Wise can also use commercial truck route data when building routes for your fleet to create the most accurate route plans.

Last-Mile Delivery Software

Wise understands the importance of the last mile and how to mitigate issues that might arise. Our solutions create the most efficient plan and ensure optimal execution in order to meet your  last-mile goals. With Wise, you can: 

  • Decrease late deliveries by up to 80%

  • Increase customer satisfaction with real-time visibility and ETAs

  • Continuously optimize your operations throughout the delivery day

  • Utilize machine learning and data analytics to continuously improve fleet performance

Fleet Management Software

With Wise Systems, your team can achieve higher levels of fleet efficiency and service. You can:

  • Improve route optimization and scheduling

  • Gain full fleet visibility

  • Dispatch orders through the day

  • Improve driver productivity

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Assess route performance