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Automatically plan your routes and create the most efficient days for your team. Say goodbye to endless hours of manually sifting through client orders and time windows, and let Wise do the work for you.

Intuitive Mobile App

Wise Systems’ intuitive Wise Driver app gives drivers a host of easily accessible tools to make their days easier.

With the Wise Driver app, your team can:

  • See their routes

  • Adjust stops if necessary

  • See key order details

  • View account-specific notes

  • Capture signatures

  • Log breaks

  • Drop parking pins for easy navigation

  • Access navigation apps

The Wise Driver app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Interactive Routes

At the beginning of each delivery day, drivers are given their routes in suggested order. The simple, intuitive display shows the Wise-recommended sequence of stops and lets drivers see order details, as well. These interactive routes are editable, enabling dispatchers and drivers to modify schedules to meet the shifting needs of business operations and customers throughout the day. Wise can change routes in a few different ways:

  • Dispatcher or Driver Route Edits — With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Wise lets your team quickly make route edits — an easy way to save time and handle unique situations that were not planned for. For both dispatchers and drivers, the system will calculate and display the route impact of the proposed changes. 

  • Autonomous Route Edits — Wise automatically alters routes to meet your business goals, e.g., arriving to all stops on time or reducing the amount of time your drivers spend on the road. 

In-Route Optimization

Wise Systems’ powerful platform offers in-route optimization (IRO) that automatically re-optimizes routes based on changes and issues that occur during the delivery day. Wise can shift routes around delays that threaten delivery time windows 

With in-route optimization, the system:

  • Constantly monitors fleet progress, real-time traffic, miles driven, and other business-specific KPIs

  • Seamlessly re-sequences stops if the system detects delays to ensure customers receive their orders within specified time windows

In-route optimization  is crucial for ensuring on-time percentage and superior service, while maintaining or increasing fleet efficiency.

Driver Notes

Drivers know a lot about customers — from names of store owners to loading dock passwords needed for deliveries — information that is rarely saved or shared. This leaves new drivers to fend for themselves and learn all the nuances of customers on their own. But with the notes feature in the Wise Driver mobile application, driver knowledge can easily be captured and put to good use.

At every stop, drivers can record notes that are then accessible to the rest of the team. When new drivers join the team or a driver has to take another route because someone’s on vacation, they will not lose time trying to access specific customer information. Your drivers will never have to struggle to remember a key customer’s name or passcode again.

Parking Location

A customer’s address is not always exactly where a truck will park to deliver to that location. And the search for a parking spot is not only frustrating for drivers, but it costs the fleet in miles, fuel, and wasted time. In the Wise Driver application, drivers can drop a pin on a map to indicate the best place to park at each stop. Once a parking location is set, every driver in the fleet can reference this information, and Wise will direct drivers to the parking locations — alleviating the hassle of parking while reducing costs to the business.

Proof of Delivery

With Wise Driver, drivers can quickly capture proof of delivery for all customers through electronic signatures and photos.

Barcode scanning is also available if your business requires this form of proof of delivery.

Wise securely stores your customers’ historical proof of delivery data and keeps the information readily available.

Electronic Signature Capture

Lose the paper and pens. Wise lets drivers capture customers’ signatures electronically on their mobile device. E-signatures save your drivers and customers time during the delivery day, and Wise’s digital recordkeeping gives your back office staff a break from the filing cabinets.

Barcode Scanning

Verify time and location of package deliveries and keep track of inventory with barcode scanning. Available in the Wise Driver application, drivers scan barcodes on packages for pick up and delivery for an efficient proof of delivery and a reliable way to manage inventory while on the road. Barcode scanning can also connect to external systems via the Wise API.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Fleets with high driver turnover or drivers frequently servicing new customers may need to provide GPS navigation for drivers.

In the Wise Driver application, drivers are a click away from turn-by-turn directions. They can choose from Google Maps, Waze, or Commercial Truck Routes. (Additional fee for Commercial Truck Routes).

Commercial Truck Routing and Navigation 

For fleets that want to ensure that vehicles only travel on appropriate roads, Wise offers built-in truck navigation (extra charge). As with turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps and Waze, drivers with access to this feature simply choose Truck Routes and use that to travel on truck-friendly routes. 

  • Turn-by-turn Directions

  • Commercial Truck Routing and Navigation

  • Parking Location Pins & Geofencing

  • Auto Arrive & Auto Depart

  • Electronic Signature Capture

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Automated Customer Communication (Message ETA)

  • Driver Route Feedback

Driver Route Feedback

Due to the unpredictability of the delivery day, drivers often need to make game-time decisions to change the route plan. A driver may choose to visit a customer later in the day, because the customer was not home at the originally scheduled service time; or a driver may alter the course of a few stops to avoid a traffic jam.

Wise Systems respects the deep knowledge drivers have accumulated about their roads and territories, and taps into this knowledge stream for actionable insights. When drivers adjust routes, Wise asks drivers for feedback about the decisions and then uses this data to fuel smarter route creation in the future.

Automated Customer Messages (ETA)

Wise streamlines customer communication enabling drivers to send automated messages to customers throughout the day with delivery status updates and ETAs. Wise also offers options as to which customers receive updates and how frequently they receive them. Options include:

  • Wise can automatically send email or text messages to customers based on your operational requirements

  • Dispatchers and drivers can send pre-drafted emails or texts to customers

  • Offered separately, the Wise Customer Portal is another valuable customer communication tool