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The famous management quote, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” applies to fleet operations, among other areas. With a range of fleet analytics capabilities, Wise Systems’ cloud-based system enables you to quickly and easily assess route performance.

Fleet-Wide Analytics

Access fleet-wide analytics for a clear understanding of how your operation is performing — that day, week, month, or year. Track KPIs, monitor progress, and see how Wise’s machine learning continuously optimizes fleet-wide performance to improve operations over time.

Daily Fleet Reports

Daily fleet reports illustrate how your team is doing and are easy to share with your organization and management. Track important KPIs (e.g.,on-time delivery percentages, mileage driven, and completed tasks), and find areas of improvement for your operations.

Individual Driver Reports

Empower your drivers with individualized end-of-day reports that show metrics like on-time percentage, and route accuracy.

KPI Tracking

Track fleet-wide and driver-specific metrics and identify any gaps between planned routes and actual performance, areas of improvement, on-time delivery percentages, and more.

Customized Reporting

Access customized fleet reports specific to your needs and goals. Reports are easy to download and share with your organization.

Track custom KPIs, and target your areas of improvement for your operations.