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Automatically plan your routes and create the most efficient days for your team. Say goodbye to endless hours of manually sifting through client orders and time windows, and let Wise do the work for you.

Autonomous Dispatch & Routing

Specifically designed to address the critical issues that routing and dispatching teams face today and tomorrow, Autonomous Dispatching and Routing is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people, and services. Wise Systems, which has pioneered this next-generation routing technology, offers the premiere Autonomous Dispatch and Routing platform, which:

  • Enables businesses to meet increasing customer demands and expectations

  • Positions today’s fleets to meet tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities

  • Uses machine learning to deliver continuous improvements to customer service and all KPIs

  • Minimizes time spent on manually intensive route building

  • Improves overall fleet efficiency and customer service

  • Improves fleet utilization

  • Reduces miles driven

  • Decreases late deliveries

Route Optimization

With the ability to use both historical and real-time data, Wise Systems’ next-generation routing software automatically creates optimized route plans for the day or week. It also gives drivers and dispatchers visibility into route progress , and enables planners and fleet managers to:

  • Build routes that meet fleet goals, e.g., minimize mileage, use all vehicles

  • Easily adjust routes and assess the impact of route alternatives

  • Leverage various routing strategies -- static, dynamic, real-time dynamic

  • Re-optimize route plans throughout the day

  • Improve fleet utilization

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Minimize late deliveries

Static Routing

Wise Systems supports teams that opt to continue with static routing, but want to improve day-of routing performance. Wise can help your team efficiently plan weekly and monthly route schedules that:

  • Give dispatchers real-time visibility across the fleet

  • Decrease delivery and loading times with machine learning

  • Improve on-time arrivals with in-route optimization (IRO)

  • Increase customer satisfaction with live ETAs and constant communication

Static + Dynamic Routing

The Wise Systems platform is able to optimize for fleets that use a combination of static and dynamic routing, increasing efficiency across all types of orders and deliveries. 

For fleets that plan to migrate to dynamic routing, but still need to accommodate static orders, Wise Systems offers static + dynamic routing capabilities. Planners simply ‘lock’ those orders into specific routes to ensure that the stops are managed by the same driver. Other orders are dynamically optimized into route plans on a daily basis and built around the static stops.