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One of the most immediate benefits of Wise Systems’ cloud-based Autonomous Dispatch and Routing platform is complete visibility into transportation operations. Wise shows driver locations, the real-time status of traffic, delivery ETAs, and overall fleet performance.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility is a must-have for high-performing fleets, and Wise Systems delivers. Wise Dispatcher gives dispatchers and operations teams a vivid, easy-to-understand interface that shows the locations of all vehicles on the road, current road conditions, and real-time delivery status. They can instantly see if their drivers are on schedule, or if there are deliveries at risk that need additional support.

Real-Time Driver Location

With real-time driver locations displayed in Wise Dispatcher, operations teams know exactly where all vehicles in their fleets are at any moment and can see delivery ETA statuses displayed in green (on-time), yellow (at-risk) and red (late) blocks. At a glance, dispatchers know precisely how the day is going and which drivers might need additional attention.

Customer Visibility & ETAs

In addition to dispatchers, customers want to know the status of their delivery and estimated time of arrival.

Wise Customer Portal sends delivery information to customers via an email or SMS web link that shows their driver, ETA, and route progress throughout the day.

Field Marketing & Management App

In some industries, including food and beverage, field marketing representatives need to know when drivers will arrive to customer locations.

The Wise Updates mobile application (iOS and Android) offers a simple, powerful way to track deliveries and know when to arrive at customer sites. No more back-and-forth calls to multiple drivers.

Daily Fleet Reports

Daily fleet reports illustrate how your team is doing and are easy to share with your organization and management.

Track important KPIs (e.g.,on-time delivery percentages, mileage driven, and completed tasks), and identify areas of improvement for your operations.