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Static + Dynamic Routing Software

Ease the transition to dynamic routing with a hybrid strategy

The Wise Systems platform is a powerful solution for fleets that use a combination of static and dynamic routing, increasing efficiency across all types of orders and deliveries. 

For fleets that want to use dynamic routing but also want to offer key customers a consistent driver contact, static + dynamic routing offers numerous benefits. Planners simply ‘lock’ designated customers into specific static routes to ensure that those customers’ orders are managed by the same drivers. All other orders are dynamically optimized into route plans on a daily basis and built around the static stops.

Static + dynamic routing gives fleets more control over their business, presents new levels of flexibility for serving customers, and gives fleets the efficiency gains of dynamic routing. 

For managers with concerns about the service experience for key customers, implementing the static + dynamic mix is a perfect solution. And should the need for static routes go away, the fleet is positioned to make a smooth transition to fully dynamic routing.

To which routing strategy is right for your fleet, review our Choosing the Right Optimization Strategy for Your Fleet guide.