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At Wise Systems, we're committed to building a diverse team of people who embody our values and want to join in on our mission.

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Teams at Wise Systems

Engineering - Data

Data is at the heart of what we do. Our team is driven to build new ways to use data to continuously improve our customers’ operations.

Engineering - Applications

We build the Wise Systems platform — the Wise Systems optimization engine, front end, back end and mobile applications — for our global customer base.  

Customer Experience

We ensure the best customer experience for all of our users — from dispatchers and drivers to fleet operations executives through onboarding, support, and user engagement. 


Offering the best user experience for everyone who uses the Wise Systems platform is paramount.


We work with clients to understand their current and future goals, and identify the right routing solutions for their fleets.


We bring Wise Systems to prospective customers, partners and others — articulating the company’s market vision and working with customers to tell their stories.

Product Management

Wise Systems is driven by our product. Our team manages the product plan, including new capabilities, with a customer-first approach.


We keep the trains running on time. (Okay, so we don’t really have trains, but we do keep things moving in a growing company.)

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Intern at Wise Systems

Many of our team began their careers as interns, and we pride ourselves on hiring interns who have the potential to join our team full-time. With programs designed around the mentorship and support that enables them to be successful, our interns perform meaningful work that impacts our customers and our business – while working with senior team members and learning constantly along the way. Email us today at to inquire about openings!

Voices of Wise Systems

Anthony Quintiliani

“It’s incredible to be a part of a sales team that’s grown 5x in the time I’ve been here. Everyone is committed to partnering with customers to ensure their success. We work with leading last-mile teams to understand their critical business needs and transform one of the most critical aspects of their operations.”

Lauren Plummer
Product Management

“In addition to being part of a company that’s introducing groundbreaking technology, my favorite part about working at Wise Systems is the team we’ve built. Everyone is creative, friendly, and dedicated to ensuring a great experience for our team and clients.“

Jordan Powell

“There are no boring days at Wise Systems; each is filled with exciting new challenges and opportunities. It’s easy to see how my work here impacts customers, other team members, and our overall vision for the company. I’ve certainly grown as an engineer and as a person.”

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