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Route optimization software for delivery drivers
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We work to build the most efficient connections between people and the things they want and need, blending power with unparalleled simplicity.

Wise Systems helps you deliver the perfect balance between customer expectations and operational efficiency with a cloud-based delivery optimization platform and passionate teams dedicated to simplifying the complexities of the final mile.

Power + ease of use.

Accelerate last mile route planning and dispatching with the modular Wise Systems delivery optimization platform. 


At the heart of the platform sits the Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE). The highly scalable, responsive DOE creates efficient routes that balance efficiency with your business requirements. By applying machine learning algorithms to your stop lists, business constraints, and anticipated traffic and weather data, the DOE streamlines every step of the delivery process. 


Role-specific applications work with the DOE to give your teams and customers insight into route plans, route execution, stop information, and real-time delivery status via clean, intuitive user interfaces.


last mile route planner dashboard

Autonomous routing.

Automate route planning with Wise Systems and free your teams to focus on improving the delivery experience for customers.


Use APIs to automate the input of your upcoming order data, along with resource and asset availability. Then, let the DOE apply your business, customer, and physical constraints with predicted day-of-delivery conditions to autonomously plan routes that meet the unique goals of your business.


Smooth integrations.

For a successful deployment, routing and dispatching systems must integrate seamlessly with your other systems of record – from ERP to OMS – to share order and other key data. Wise Systems integrates with your existing software ecosystem to ensure a smooth transition. Plug in through our API, or leverage one of our growing partnerships to get started quickly. If you need help, our Customer Value team is highly experienced in complex integrations.


Superior reliability + support.

Working with Wise Systems gives you access to our expert Implementations and Customer Success teams as well as our best-in-class, 24/7 support.


Your Wise Systems journey begins with a dedicated Implementation team. They ensure the Wise Systems platform and all of your integrations are working seamlessly and that your team is fully trained and confident in the new platform. Your Customer Success team is dedicated to your ongoing success with the platform, and the Support team is available to you and your team around the clock.


Wise Systems employee support

Good to know

The Wise Systems fact sheet.

Customer results.

Across industries, timely and well executed deliveries are critical for customer retention and growth. The Wise Systems platform of intuitive tools improves routing and delivery performance across all metrics.

% Reduction in late arrivals

Algorithms track driver patterns to extract details that streamline future deliveries.

% increase in utilization

The DOE automates the dispatch of new and current orders for maximum efficiency.

% reduction in fleet miles

Optimal routes are planned for individual drivers, and the entire fleet, assuring efficiency.

Wise Systems in action.

Wise Systems benefits multiply when applied to a fleet.

Route Planning August 25, 2023 [ Case Studies ]
Fond du Lac Cold Storage Taps Wise Systems

[Wise Systems] gives us the ability to accurately plan and manage our delivery routes and differentiate our business from the competition.

George Crosby
President & Chief Executive Officer, Fond du LacCold Storage

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