A solution for everyone.

For Dispatchers
 to build and manage routes

Route Planner

The web-based Scheduler calculates routes to maximize fleet utilization while factoring the unique variables and constraints of every delivery (e.g. time windows, geographic zones). Dispatchers can adjust routes, and analyze alternatives and impacts in real time.


This unique interface allows Dispatchers to visualize the fleet on a live map view. They can monitor routes, delivery progress, ETAs, and driver performance. Based on customer needs, analytics and insights, routes can be easily adjusted with updates automatically sent to drivers.

For Drivers
 to arrive and deliver with ease


This mobile app, available on iOS and Android, gives drivers all the tools they need to manage their day—interactive routes, delivery details, customer notifications, service notes, proof of delivery, barcode scanning, and more. Real-time optimization algorithms adjust to keep drivers on time and efficient.

For Delivery Recipients
 to find their expectations met or exceeded

Customer Portal

All customers—consumer and business—appreciate accurate and dependable information about their deliveries. With the Customer Portal, they can track their orders in real time and opt in for notifications about their deliveries.

For Managers to balance fleet performance and experience

Mobile Merchandiser

Successful deliveries require seamless communication. The Mobile Merchandiser app pushes details to Merchandisers and Field Reps, so no driver calls go unanswered, and the need for back-and-forth status texts is eliminated.

An engine like no other.

Our proprietary Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE) turns data into better deliveries. Data inputs from your fleet’s real-life delivery experiences refine the algorithms to improve the efficiency, utilization, and performance for future routing and deliveries. 

Delivery Recipients

Access to delivery dates and times, as well as visibility along the way.


Automation of many tasks allow the dispatcher to ensure top customer service, incoming orders, and daily metrics.


Empowered to record details, manage workflow, and view routes with precise navigation and delivery details.  


Ability to monitor and optimize the opposing forces of fleet efficiencies and customer service.

Machine learning makes every delivery better

AI software analyzes details like mileage, timing and driver notes to learn and improve with every operation and delivery.
ML considers the entire delivery experience from parking, to unloading, transporting, transacting, and returning to the vehicle. Efficiencies can be gained from insights on parking availability, customer reps schedules, etc.
Every delivery adds to the base of knowledge, making improvements ongoing.

Configure the perfect Wise Systems for your fleet.

Every solution builds on the next, but they are also designed to integrate and bring efficiencies individually.

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