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Performance Manager

Performance Manager from Wise Systems offers fleet managers data-driven insights into key fleet performance indicators. To make informed business decisions, managers need insight into driver performance, deliveries, and fuel usage. With Performance Manager you can:

  • Compare planned vs actual routes to improve fleet performance
  • Get accurate on-time percentages across your fleet, per route, and per driver
  • Gain visibility into the effectiveness of dispatchers’ customizations
  • See driver task volumes to optimize fleet efficiency
Strategic Planner

Powerful and cloud-native, Strategic Planner simplifies territory management for distributors who make planned, recurring deliveries. Strategic territory planning proactively streamlines operations by ensuring resources are allocated to customers in specific geographical areas before planning routes. 


With informed territory plans in place, your teams can improve your customers’ experience. With Strategic Planner, you can:


  • Optimize coverage and geographical segmentation
  • Easily visualize territory plans and customer information
  • Make adjustments to territories and compare results 
  • Export plans to your OMS to share with customers and internal teams

Route Planner

Route Planner from Wise Systems is the web-based application that offers a perfect balance of power and ease of use to build efficient, cost-effective routes for your last-mile operations. Leverage the powerful algorithms and interactive UI for your route planning. The system:

  • Manages  multiple routing constraints – customer time windows, driver availability and skill level, and more
  • Incorporates historical data to create accurate ETAs
  • Quickly visualizes routes ahead of time
  • Allows routers to adjust routes in interactive map views
  • Saves hours of planners’ and dispatchers’ time per day/week/month/year



Once delivery routes have been created and been dispatched to drivers, dispatchers need to ensure that drivers are on-time and on-plan. 

Dispatcher from Wise Systems is the web-based application that dispatchers use to manage their last-mile fleets – across individual or multiple depots. This powerful dispatch software enables dispatching teams to:

  • See the route progress of all drivers in a single window, including individual stop status
  • Monitor route execution in real time
  • Respond to last-minute changes and issues in real time
  • Identify and proactively manage any day-of-delivery issues

Last-mile delivery drivers are on the front lines of delivery execution, and essential to your brand’s customer service.

The Driver app from Wise Systems lets your drivers conquer chaos on the road, and ensures an excellent driver experience, including:

  • Seeing list and map views of delivery routes 
  • Easily navigating between stops using the mapping provider of their choice
  • Quickly scanning packages on/off and collect proof of delivery (POD) via signature or photo
  • Responding to last-minute changes and issues in real-time
  • Collecting critical stop, delivery, and customer information


Mobile Manager

Seamless coordination among the key players in the last-mile delivery chain is often one of the biggest challenges that fleets are facing. Too often, managers and dispatchers don’t have visibility into drivers’ locations and status and resort to unanswered phone calls and texts to attempt to connect. 


  • With Mobile Manager from Wise Systems, managers and field personnel who may need it have a mobile app that provides anywhere, anytime access to:Track deliveries and locate drivers in real time
  • Follow selected stops, routes, or drivers throughout the day
  • Up-to-date ETAs, delivery status, and route progress


Customer Portal

Communication with delivery recipients is one of the most valuable steps in the entire last-mile delivery process, and is a key driver of customer satisfaction.

Customer Portal from Wise Systems is a delivery-tracking software that improves your customers’ experience with your brand, letting them: :

  • Receive automated delivery notifications via SMS and email in your brand voice
  • Track their deliveries in real time, including live map views of their driver’s progress

An engine like no other

Learn how Wise Systems’ applications leverage the power of the Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE) to automate routing, drive fleet utilization, and optimize your routes during planning and execution. This modern, high-capacity engine scales to meet your organization’s demands and supports static, dynamic and hybrid routing.

Leverage the power of the Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE) to automate routing, drive fleet utilization, and optimize your routes during all stages of delivery.

Machine learning makes every delivery better

AI software analyzes details like mileage, timing and driver notes to learn and improve with every operation and delivery.
ML considers the entire delivery experience from parking, to unloading, transporting, transacting, and returning to the vehicle. Efficiencies can be gained from insights on parking availability, customer reps schedules, etc.
Every delivery adds to the base of knowledge, making improvements ongoing.

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