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Our state-of-the-art last-mile dispatch and routing software improves your fleet efficiency, performance and customer service—today and over time.

We have built a collection of solutions designed to work both independently and together to empower drivers, dispatchers, managers, and delivery recipients. We can design the right integration for your workflow to save time and money, and give you peace of mind.

Perfect deliveries by design.

Wise Systems optimizes last-mile deliveries for any industry in any city.

On time and on course.

Route Strategic Planner from Wise Systems is a powerful, web-based application that calculates optimal routes, factoring in the unique variables and constraints of your operation. It enables your dispatchers to optimize the delivery plan for static, dynamic, or hybrid routing. The dispatcher also has the ability to customize for route zoning, on-demand orders, and time windows in real time.

Let us show you the way.

Your team uses Dispatcher to push out routes, and keep track of loads, driver progress, and completed deliveries. They can re-sequence any part of the fleet in a live map view, based on exceptions and updated ML models. From route progress to driver performance, Dispatcher monitors routes, making adjustments as needed throughout the day to keep deliveries on time, all while maximizing efficiency and customer service.

Put drivers back in the driver’s seat.

We empower delivery drivers to share their expertise for efficiency at every stop and across the fleet.

The roads most traveled.

The Driver mobile app from Wise Systems gives delivery drivers all the tools they need. Drivers receive interactive routes in list and map views, along with delivery details, and essential tools such as turn-by-turn navigation, proof of delivery, barcode scanning, notes, and more, enabling a better customer service experience. Behind the scenes, real-time optimization algorithms automatically adjust and re-optimize routes keeping drivers on time.

delivery driver mobile app for last mile

From depots to doorways.

Across all Industries, including food & beverage, retail, auto parts, and parcel & courier, Wise Systems designs the optimal loads, pick-ups, routes, and drop-offs to suit the needs of the drivers, customers, and fleets.

Watching the journey from the destination.

With Customer Portal from Wise Systems, your customers have real-time visibility and can track their orders throughout the day with accurate real-time ETAs. They can opt-in on notifications or simply enjoy the peace of mind knowing their deliveries are imminent.

Machine learning for the win.

Our engine takes in continuous inputs and to give you updates, analytics, and an ever‑improving fleet.

Real-time fleet management.

Successful deliveries require seamless communication. The Mobile Manager app pushes details to Merchandisers and Field Reps, so no driver calls go unanswered, and the need for back-and-forth status texts is eliminated.

Wise Systems Mobile Manager

Discover a smarter last mile with Wise Systems.

Our Dynamic Optimization Engine powers all of our solutions to empower your last mile.

Good to know

The Wise Systems fact sheet

Results, optimized

Across industries, timely and well executed deliveries are critical for customer retention and growth. The Wise Systems platform of intuitive tools improves routing and delivery performance across all metrics.


late arrivals

Algorithms track driver patterns to extract details that streamline future deliveries.

of utilization

The AI engine automates the dispatch of new and current orders for maximum efficiency.

in fleet miles

Choosing optimal routes for individual drivers, and the entire fleet, assures efficiency.

With partners like these.

We’re proud to deliver for our clients and partners.

Wise Systems in action.

Wise Systems benefits multiply when applied to a fleet.

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Fond du Lac Cold Storage Taps Wise Systems

[Wise Systems] gives us the ability to accurately plan and manage our delivery routes and differentiate our business from the competition.

George Crosby
President & Chief Executive Officer, Fond du LacCold Storage

Updates and resources.

Just like our engine, we’re always gathering new insights to share.

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Working with Wise Systems

Take us on the road with you.

Here’s what to expect:


We work with your teams to assess your needs and find the right solutions.

Wise can integrate with your system in any configuration. You can always add more solutions over time. Let us show you what’s possible.

Our integrations specialist will identify the best way to work with your data.

Wise can be configured to work with manual data inputs/output as well as full automation. The data is key–we’ll help you manage it for your benefit.

We connect your program with our Engine API.

Once you have chosen your solutions, we’ll connect them to our engine to give you immediate and ongoing benefits of time and miles.

You’re on the path to better deliveries.

We’re happy to part of your fleet.

With Wise Systems, we’re implementing technology and processes we could never imagined even a few years ago.”

Joaquin Schlottmann, VP Logistics
T2 North America, Anheuser-Busch

It’s been making our business better because we’re able to make better informed decisions based off the data we now have.”

Stephen Saldate Operations Analyst

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