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With Wise, we’re implementing technology and processes that we could have never imagined even a few years ago.
— Joaquin Schlottman - Zone Logistics Director, Anheuser-Busch

Clock icon representing an 85% reduction in late deliveries achieved through Wise Systems route optimization software

Reduction in Late Deliveries

Delivery truck icon representing a 20% increase in fleet utilization achieved through Wise Systems route optimization software

Increase in Fleet Utilization

Navigation icon representing a 15% reduction in mileage achieved through Wise Systems route optimization software

Reduction in Mileage


Reduce Late Deliveries and Increase Efficiency


Find out how companies have significantly improved service and efficiency across their fleets by using Wise Systems route optimization software.

The Wise Systems scheduler, driver, and analytics solutions are depicted in a circle made of three arrows. Wise Scheduler shows a desktop monitor with an icon of the software. Wise Driver shows a mobile device with an icon of the software. Wise Analytics shows a desktop monitor with an icon of the reporting software.

All-In-One Routing Solution

Quickly schedule routes based on your specifications.

Monitor and track drivers while routes adjust around day-of delays.

Intelligent algorithms learn from historical data to continuously increase efficiency in the future.

Scheduling icon shows a tear off calendar

Instant Scheduling

In seconds, create routes and dispatch them to drivers based on your preferences and constraints.

Dynamic optimization icon shows a truck and planet Earth with a few clouds

Dynamic Optimization

Routes can adjust during the day to account for traffic, new customer orders, and other changes.

Machine learning icon shows a graph with an upward trending arrow

Machine Learning

Wise learns from your fleet and customer behavior in order to create the best routes for your business.

An image of the Wise Systems route optimization software on an iPhone, a laptop, a desktop, and a tablet.

Wisdom to Face Modern Logistics Challenges


As new expectations of speed and predictability have put pressure on supply chains, Wise believes companies don’t have to sacrifice efficiency to improve customer service, and we have built the platform to make it possible.

Our software combines scheduling, dynamic routing, and machine learning to empower some of the world’s largest companies to take on the logistics challenges of tomorrow’s economy.


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