Put the power of Machine Learning to work for you.

Optimize fleet-wide efficiency and customer service. Adapt to everyday routing challenges. Continuously improve performance.

Managing a high-performing delivery fleet is demanding. But it doesn’t have to be. Wise Systems automatically schedules, monitors, and adjusts routes in real time – keeping teams on schedule and on plan.

While traditional route optimization software isn’t designed for last-mile delivery challenges, Wise Systems’ autonomous routing and dispatch software is. Wise seamlessly manages around day-of issues -- traffic, weather, blocked loading docks -- that cost delivery teams time and money. And, Wise keeps keeps everyone -- drivers, dispatchers and customers -- in the know at all times.

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Case Study: Anheuser-Busch

See how Anheuser-Busch is improving day-of routing with Wise Systems

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Dynamic Routing

Fast and flexible, Wise dynamically builds optimized route plans, incorporating multiple variables and constraints to ensure that you meet your efficiency and service goals.

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Machine Learning

The key to continuous improvement, Machine Learning continuously analyzes fleet data to improve future route plans and optimize fleet-wide performance.

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Autonomous Dispatch

The most powerful and seamless way to manage a fleet, Autonomous Dispatch dynamically manages routes and adjusts to changes in real time. 

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With Wise, we’re implementing technology and processes that we could have never imagined even a few years ago.
— Joaquin Schlottman, Zone Logistics Director, Anheuser-Busch
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Wise Systems Offers Customers

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Interactive routes for maximum visibility, efficiency, & flexibility

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Real-time optimization that delivers ideal routing solutions in every situation

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Intuitive design that makes the system easy to learn and use for drivers and managers

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Seamlessly capture and leverage driver knowledge and feedback

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Comprehensive analytics for deep understanding and improvement of fleet performance

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Rapid payback and strong ROI


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