Experience real-time fleet visibility and control.

Cloud-based Dispatcher from Wise Systems combines power and unparalleled ease of use to provide complete visibility and control over your operations. From route progress to driver performance, Dispatcher monitors routes, making adjustments as needed throughout the day to keep deliveries on time, all while maximizing efficiency and customer service. Any updates Dispatcher makes are automatically synchronized with Driver, the Wise Systems mobile app that drivers use. Dispatcher provides reporting dashboards, as well.

How Dispatcher works

It all starts with optimized routes.


Build or upload your requirements.

With your order data, our engine will automatically build routes to meet all requirements while increasing utilization and decreasing miles.

Review optimized routes.

Need to customize routes? Make easy drag-and-drop edits as needed. Before changes go into effect, their impacts on other drivers, timing, and deliveries are shown. Then, simply approve the routes.

Dispatch routes to drivers.

The Driver App gives your drivers multiple views of their routes, along with detailed service notes from past deliveries to make deliveries more efficient.

Monitor routes in real time.

Watch the progression of the delivery day and make adjustments when timing issues and customer requests come up. Follow up with analytics for individual drivers and the entire fleet.

And we are out for delivery.

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Now dispatching fleet transformation.


The real benefits of real time.

Some deliveries are tougher than others, but drivers can catch up and routes can be edited with real-time Dispatcher alerts of late or at-risk deliveries.

View and edits routes:

See impacts of current routes and perspective updates

Manually modify routes:

Add, subtract, replace requirements to routes

Drag and drop stops:

Drag and drop stops: Add new stops as needed for any driver’s route

Transfer route between drivers:

Transfer route between drivers: Switch stops and dispatch changes automatically


Dynamic routing for Fleet Managers.

Route optimization doesn’t stop until a driver has completed the route. That’s because there are always efficiencies that can be gained along the way, as well as slowdowns that sneak up. Dynamic routing assures that every detail is automatically considered and integrated into the day. This allows for more orders to be delivered and for same-day deliveries.

On average, vehicles gain one more run per day with dynamic routing.


See for yourself.

Watch from a “control tower” view to keep track of critical deliveries and for unexpected delays and requests.

On average, vehicles gain one more run per day with dynamic routing.

Live ETA updates

Get accurate ETAs based on real-time and historical traffic data

Live traffic view

See what your drivers are seeing

Driver progress

See live view of every vehicle in route to deliveries

Driver tracks toggle

Adjust as drivers take breaks or return to the depot

Proof of delivery

Capture photos or signatures or scan barcodes for confirmation

Inventory status

See view of remaining inventory


Notifications keep everyone in the loop.

For anyone not watching live, they can take advantage of the additional layer of notifications for completed deliveries and other status changes.

Frequently asked questions

A delivery route planner is software that schedules and sequences stops for fleets delivering goods and services. Also referred to as delivery routing software or route optimization software, a delivery route planner may include more features than the core route sequencing functionality like fleet visibility, on-demand dispatching, driver feedback, real-time optimization, and machine learning enhanced routes.
Autonomous dispatch and routing is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people, and services. The goal of these systems is to improve fleet efficiency and customer service, reducing miles driven, improving fleet utilization, and minimizing time spent on manually intensive route building — all while reducing late deliveries.
Dynamic routing refers to the creation of delivery routes based on real-time data to decrease inefficiency and fleet miles. Dynamic route optimization adjusts and reacts in real-time to determine the most efficient route possible for your deliveries.
Cloud-based dispatch software analyzes and deploys routing efficiencies with the goal of improving your last-mile delivery operations. This software also enables you to view and edit routes in real-time so that the final mile delivery process can be as smooth and cost-effective as possible.
Dynamic routing software was developed to provide fleets manage routes and optimize operations. Traditional routing methods for fleets include creating static routes on a quarterly or yearly basis that do not change. However, dynamic routing software chooses driver’s routes based on the delivery location and the closest driver.

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