Get Real-Time Fleet Visibility and Control with Dispatcher

Ensure more perfect stops with dispatching software that monitors route execution in real time and lets you adjust as needed. With Dispatcher from Wise Systems you can:

  • Anticipate and respond quickly to any issues that may arise.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of route execution.
  • Maximize fleet efficiency without sacrificing excellent customer service.

How Dispatcher Works

Route execution software that fits your operation


Dispatchers review optimized, pre-planned routes,

View the day’s planned routes on a map and make edits as needed to adjust to live conditions.

Send those routes to drivers,

Start drivers on their runs with route, order, stop, and customer information delivered via the Driver app from Wise Systems.

Then monitor progress and approve suggested route adjustments in real time.

Watch the progression of dispatched routes and make adjustments when timing issues or last-minute customer requests come up.

And another delivery day is done.

Routing and dispatching your way in the last mile

Before you start planning and dispatching routes, you need to identify the routing strategy that works for your team. The strategy you choose depends on a range of factors, including your business requirements and customer preferences.

With Dispatcher from Wise Systems your teams can use static, dynamic, or hybrid routing strategies. 

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What good is a route plan if you can’t execute it?


Outstanding dispatching starts with flexibility

See how a flexible route execution solution enables dispatchers to easily modify routes before dispatching.

Conquer complexity

Get a clear picture of planned routes with map views and color codes that make complex, multi-route plans easier to visualize – even with hundreds or thousands of stops.

Edit routes easily

Make last-minute changes to routes, such as additional stops or stop transfers between drivers, with easy drag-and-drop editing.

Quickly re-assign routes before or after dispatching

See driver availability and reassign routes if a driver is no longer available.


Real-time dispatching software enables real capability

Some routes are tougher than others. Respond to delays in real time during route execution to help drivers manage around day-of-delivery issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

Make informed decisions with Wise Systems dispatcher software

Make informed decisions

See information in real time, such as route progress, route paths, vehicle locations, traffic, and more.

Improve the customer experience with Wise Systems dispatching software

Keep everyone up to date

Give customers, merchandisers, employees, and managers real-time insight into what’s happening on the road so they can plan to be ready.

Quickly reassign routes during route execution - Wise Systems dispatching software

Reassign routes

Just drag and drop to quickly assign routes and stops to drivers during route execution.

Make more on-time stops with Wise Systems dispatching software

Stay on time

Resequence routes based on real-time status updates and notifications to ensure important stops are made on time.

Use Wise Systems dispatching software to access stop details during route execution

See proof of delivery

See images or e-signatures captured from the Wise Systems Driver app to confirm proof of delivery.

Keep drivers informed in real time with Wise Systems dispatching software

Update stop-specific items for drivers

Keep drivers aware of changes to the quantities or types of items being picked up or delivered per stop.

Better experiences rely on better communication.

Dispatcher works with other applications from Wise Systems to ensure that dispatchers, drivers, customers, and managers receive notifications on route progress and stop completion.


Powered by the Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE)

Learn how Wise Systems applications rely on the DOE to make decisions, automate tasks, and offer suggestions that help your organization optimize routes during planning and execution. Respond to delays and keep everyone up-to-date — ultimately improving experiences for employees and customers.

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Frequently asked questions

A delivery route planner is software that schedules and sequences stops for fleets delivering goods and services. Also referred to as delivery routing software or route optimization software, a delivery route planner may include more features than the core route sequencing functionality like fleet visibility, on-demand dispatching, driver feedback, real-time optimization, and machine learning enhanced routes.
Autonomous dispatch and routing is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people, and services. The goal of these systems is to improve fleet efficiency and customer service, reducing miles driven, improving fleet utilization, and minimizing time spent on manually intensive route building — all while reducing late deliveries.
Dynamic routing refers to the creation of delivery routes based on real-time data to decrease inefficiency and fleet miles. Dynamic route optimization adjusts and reacts in real-time to determine the most efficient route possible for your deliveries.
Cloud-based dispatch software analyzes and deploys routing efficiencies with the goal of improving your last-mile delivery operations. This software also enables you to view and edit routes in real-time so that the final mile delivery process can be as smooth and cost-effective as possible.
Dynamic routing software was developed to provide fleets manage routes and optimize operations. Traditional routing methods for fleets include creating static routes on a quarterly or yearly basis that do not change. However, dynamic routing software chooses driver’s routes based on the delivery location and the closest driver.

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