Maximize Fleet Efficiency and Route Planning with Route Planner.

Route Planner from Wise Systems is a powerful, web-based application that calculates optimal routes, factoring in the unique variables and constraints of your operation. It maximizes fleet utilization and efficiency to reduce the number of vehicles and miles needed while adhering to time windows, geographic zones, and more. Route Planner saves your team hours per day and week in route planning time, while also allowing dispatchers to adjust routes, analyze route alternatives, and assess the impact of route changes.

How Route Planner works

Powerful route optimization software.


Upload data with a file or through one of our integrations.

Dispatchers can plan fully optimized routes for your drivers, factoring in requirements and constraints such as time windows, geographic zones, shift times, and more.

Select the best routing strategy for your fleet.

Our platform supports static, dynamic, and hybrid static + dynamic routing solutions. Features like zone-based routing and in-route optimization provide options that fit your fleet’s needs.

Schedule routes.

Route Planner does the heavy lifting, calculating routes ideal for your set constraints like vehicle volume or capacity, route durations, number of stops, and your driver schedules and availability.

Preview and edit routes.

Before dispatching, view your routes on the map and make easy, drag-and-drop edits as needed. Dispatchers can see the potential impact of any changes to make informed decisions.

And routes are scheduled.

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Route planning for fleet transformation.

Route Planner

Planning routes just got easier.

With Route Planner from Wise Systems, dispatchers, routers, and fleet managers are equipped with the right tools for visibility and to execute the perfect delivery experience.

Route Planner overview video

Route Optimization App

Route Planner Features.

Scheduler Features and Capabilities.

Build Delivery Routes

Create fully optimized routes for your drivers, vehicles, and warehouses. Set driver shift times, set pick-ups and deliveries, and support various vehicle capacity, weight limits, and type.

Driver Assignment

A unique feature that automatically builds routes optimized for your drivers based on their schedules and availability.

Easy Route Management

Dispatchers can preview and edit routes on our interactive map, drag and drop stops to make changes, lock routes that don’t need further optimization, and assess the impact of their edits.

On-Demand Dispatching

On-Demand Dispatch automatically suggests the best-dispatched drivers for on-demand tasks, allowing fast-paced fleets to continually optimize new, same-day orders. Learn More.

Zone-Based Routing

Zone-Based Routing allows dispatchers to import or define geographic zones and driver zone preferences to help facilitate the transition from a static routing strategy to a more dynamic routing strategy.

Static, Dynamic, or Static + Dynamic Routing

You can choose the routing strategy that works best for your fleet. Choose from traditional static routes, adopt modern dynamic routes, or take a blended approach to ease the transition. Our last-mile delivery software is designed to be adaptable to your team’s needs. Learn More.

Frequently asked questions

Most traditional delivery fleets have used static routes, built manually or with legacy routing software, to determine a fixed sequence of stops for their drivers. This strategy is time-consuming and usually inefficient. Dynamic routing gives fleets the power to do more with their existing resources by considering many factors (new orders, traffic, weather, etc.) and developing fresh routes every day. However making the move from static to dynamic routing requires a transition plan that often includes a Static + Dynamic hybrid strategy that integrates both fixed and dynamic stops, providing continuity to key customers.
Zone-based routing can help your drivers by assigning them to specific geographic regions. This can also be a key step in migrating your team to dynamic routing, optimizing routes without having drivers leave their designated geographic zone.
Wise Systems’ next-generation dispatch and routing software is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people and services. It’s designed to decrease inefficiency when delivering goods, minimize manual effort and apply advanced algorithms to manage the increasingly complex delivery challenges many fleets are facing today and tomorrow. The dividends of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing include increased fleet utilization, decreased fleet miles, and continuous optimization that improves over time with the addition of your fleet’s data.
Wise Systems’ delivery route planner uses artificial intelligence to optimize routes. Simultaneously, our programs help your drivers and dispatchers react in real-time to traffic and weather delays, while also using data over time to consistently improve your route planning. For more information please contact our team.

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