Delivery Automation for Parcel and Couriers

One of the most demanding sectors of the logistics industry is the parcel and courier business. These last-mile delivery fleets are at the heart of the modern economy, transporting large volumes of packages for a variety of customers. Behind the scenes, operators are juggling customer service, driver retention and efficiency as they grow their business capacity. Without exception, they all require delivery automation solutions that support their unique businesses. Meet Wise Systems, delivery automation for parcel and couriers

Solve these common challenges with Wise Systems

Is it time to move your parcel and courier fleet to the next level? Do you need to streamline your delivery processes, support your drivers, and ensure top-shelf customer experiences? It’s time to look at how the Wise Systems platform can help you overcome your most pressing hurdles and position your fleet for growth.

Maximize driver utilization and fleet efficiency with more packages per hour

Increase driver retention and satisfaction

Create real time fleet visibility

Improve customer service with real-time ETAs and package tracking

Tackle next-day and same-day deliveries

Seamlessly manage FTEs and 1099/gig workers and ensure accurate payouts

Standardize processes and systems between in-house and delivery service partners

Connect disparate systems of record

Handle ultra-high delivery volumes and adapt to changes throughout the delivery day with powerful yet easy-to-use applications for automatically planning, managing and dispatching orders, including on-demand additions to the day’s plans. Give drivers intuitive tools that maximize their flexibility and pay. Drive customer satisfaction with excellent recipient experience tools. Enable seamless integrations with systems of record.

Enable the Best Process for Planning, Reviewing and Managing Daily Routes

Applications and integrations work seamlessly together over the Wise Systems delivery automation platform to enable a process that empowers your teams:


  1. Plan the most efficient daily routes for your entire fleet in one instance – including high stop counts – using automation and simplified visualizations
  2. Send routes to drivers with the push of a button
  3. Let drivers tweak routes manually or quickly accept automated adjustments
  4. Tackle on-demand deliveries with automated, optimal-driver suggestions or selections
  5. Provide managers with the information they need to manage exceptions in real time, including historical and live driver tracking.
  6. Deliver better customer experiences with ETAs and real-time insight into delivery status

After enabling this process with Wise Systems, parcel and courier companies can:


  • Maximize packages per hour
  • Decrease time spent planning daily routes
  • Scale up to meet increasing demand
  • Manage fluctuating driver availability
  • Quickly onboard your teams with easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Easily handle on-demand pickups and deliveries
  • Make decisions quickly with algorithms that work alongside your fleet
  • Enable more informed fleet management with machine learning that improves over time

Give Your Parcel and Courier Drivers the Tools To Succeed

A driver mobile app for Parcel and Courier Drivers

Easy-to-use tools that maximize driver pay and minimize turnover are key for successful parcel and courier operations. Giving drivers the flexibility and control to manage their days is critical, as well. 

Use the Driver app from Wise Systems, or integrate Wise Systems’ optimized route sequences and ETAs in your fleet’s existing mobile app. 

Give your FTEs or 1099s one app with the tools they need:

  • Barcode scanning to scan packages on and off and get package-specific information from one screen
  • Manual route editing, including route re-optimization 
  • Built in navigation to move efficiently between stops
  • Proof of delivery (POD) – photos, signatures, reason codes, notes

And, use APIs to power your own driver apps and other apps involved in your operations. 

Best of all? No more texting drivers with last-minute route changes. New stops are automatically added and threaded into their routes, and notifications delivered.

Elevate Your Brand with Superior Recipient Experiences

Giving your delivery recipients visibility into their order’s ETAs is the hallmark of a well-functioning fleet, and one of the easiest and highest value actions you can take to ensure excellent customer service.

With Customer Portal from Wise Systems, your delivery recipients receive: 

  • Text or email delivery status notifications in your brand voice with an ETA time window, and
  • The ability to track their package’s arrival via map view in real time. 

You also have customizable triggers to manage who’s notified and at what interval, as well.

Parcel and Courier delivery companies improve the customer experience with Customer Portal from Wise Systems.

Get a Platform Built for Your Ecosystem

Parcel and Courier companies integrate to automate routing, drive fleet utilization, and optimize routes during all stages of delivery.

Last-mile routing and dispatching solutions must integrate tightly with your broader technology stack. Working seamlessly with your systems of record is a hallmark of Wise Systems’ delivery automation platform. It supports every stage of the last-mile delivery process – planning, execution, coordination and communication – with apps for delivery planners, dispatchers, drivers, managers and recipients. 

  • Use the entire system or customize a solution to fit your team’s needs. 
  • Use the Driver app from Wise Systems or integrate Wise Systems’ data with your existing applications.
  • Integrate with your ERP, TMS and or other backend systems.

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