New year, expanded platform

Tackle higher delivery volumes while easily visualizing information during route planning and execution. Deliver outstanding customer service with unparalleled power and ease of use with the latest version of the Wise System platform.

Alongside other capabilities, the enhanced platform supports parcel delivery and courier operations with greater resource flexibility, easily accommodating hybrid workforce models such as a combination of gig workers and FTEs.

Discover the power of delivery automation

Streaming stop and task data

New data-handling techniques enable the Wise Systems Dynamic Optimization Engine to quickly process ultra-high task volumes while reducing data-load times to give dispatchers the information they need when they need it.

Easily visualize route, stop, and order information

Drag-and-drop editing

Make last-minute changes to routes, such as transferring stops between drivers, with easy drag-and-drop editing in a map view.

Trajectory-based route pathing

Display routes for planners and dispatchers in simple straight-line paths for easy visualization.


During route planning, ensure routes don’t overlap using color-coded route boundaries and polygons.

Stop clustering

Dispatchers can quickly edit routes or drill into stop-specific information based on geographic proximity.

Enable better decision making

Zone-based Dispatching

Assign configurable geographic zones to drivers and automatically send stops that come in during route execution to the most appropriate driver.

Configurable cost calculations

Import custom cost-calculation formulas to ensure planned routes are created with your company’s unique constraints in mind. Give dispatchers cost information for each delivery or route adjustment.

Onscreen, on-demand dispatching

Quickly assign last-minute stops to the most appropriate driver as orders come in with system-driven suggestions based on cost calculations and task priority.

Automatic asset assignment

Ensure capacity for pick-up and delivery by automatically assigning available trailers, containers, and other assets to routes.

Quickly find route, stop, and driver information

Driver and route search

Help planners and dispatchers to quickly get stop- and task-specific information by searching based on driver or route.

Route sorting and filtering

Organize and filter routes to access important route information faster when planning and dispatching.

Amplify your brand voice

Configurable delivery status notifications

Easily customize and update automated SMS and email notifications to include your brand-specific messaging, stop details, and access to real-time order tracking.

Simplify setup

User roles and permissions

Manage access roles and configure permissions for route planners, driver managers, and more.

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