Interning as an Engineer at Wise Systems

We take internships very seriously at Wise Systems, designing our program around the mentorship and support that enables our interns to be successful. Wise interns perform meaningful work and learn constantly, working with senior engineering team members along the way. Many of our team began their careers as Wise interns, and we pride ourselves on hiring interns who are potential team members.

Val Healy has been a software engineer in the engineering team at Wise Systems since January 2017. Like many at Wise Systems, she first joined as an intern during the summer before her senior year at MIT, when she worked on creating our first reporting dashboard. Within weeks after completing the project, and before her summer had even came to an end, the new dashboard was live with customers, and delivery managers at Anheuser-Busch were checking it daily to understand how their fleets were performing. The interface that Val built that summer, with updates and improvements, is still in use today.

With long-term investment in mind, we structure interns’ projects so that they have the opportunity to shine. Wise interns are given significant substantive work and are initial projects where they have typically push production-ready code in their first weeks. Once interns are settled, their work only becomes more crucial. Whereas at many companies interns work on internal projects or non-core areas, Wise’s interns are trusted to work on crucial features – from enterprise-level integrations, to updating web application interfaces, and developing new optimization algorithms.

The key to our internship program is support. We expect interns to take on responsibility and be independent, but we also surround them with experienced mentors to answer questions, and connect them directly with senior engineering management who monitor their progress and ensure they are getting engaging assignments,.

A robust internship program is key to any startup’s success, and a great way for small companies to contribute to the local ecosystem, as well. As we’ve grown, we’ve grown our intern program and are constantly looking for ambitious engineers who are ready to work on challenging and important problems. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out and learn more about our current and future opportunities. Here’s a link to our open positions.

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