Auto Parts

Flexible, responsive operations.

Auto parts suppliers have always operated in an on-demand world, with fleets of drivers dispatched throughout the day to deliver parts to repair shops in their regions. Since most garages don’t stock a deep or diverse inventory of parts, it’s up to suppliers and distributors to get the necessary parts to mechanics or dealerships as quickly as possible so that the service technicians can get their customers on the road again.

These dynamic auto parts fleets must:

  • Execute a high volume of urgent parts orders
  • Be able to accommodate on-demand orders, in addition to pre-planned orders
  • Quickly fulfill customers’ orders
  • Maximize operational efficiency to ensure profitability

And Wise Systems can help. Instead of relying on legacy route optimization software built for static operations, auto parts fleets can leverage the power of machine learning to improve customer service and fleet efficiency.

Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatch and Routing delivers:

  • Fully automated dispatching and routing capabilities, automatically identifying and dispatching the best driver for the order
  • On-demand dispatching to accommodate on-the-fly orders with tight delivery windows
  • The ability to seamlessly manage planned and on-demand orders
  • Responsive delivery routes powered by real-time algorithms to avoid delays
  • The ability to automatically rearrange stops to meet time-window commitments
  • An easy-to-use mobile app for drivers, enabling them to seamlessly log arrival and departure times, resequence stops, if necessary, and capture customer-specific service notes for future use
  • Fleet-wide visibility for dispatchers, giving them real-time views of drivers’ locations and delivery status, and the ability to monitor progress against plans and respond to driver needs
  • A customer portal that enables delivery recipients to see their delivery status, including updated delivery times
  • Machine learning capabilities that continuously monitor all available data to optimize fleet performance over time
  • Integration with third-party systems

Successful auto parts delivery fleets distinguish themselves on the basis of speed and customer service.

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