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To your customers, your delivery drivers are the face of your company. Drivers see accounts on a daily or weekly basis, and strive to deliver the best products and service experience. In fact, for many companies, excellent customer service is the competitive advantage that distinguishes them from the competition. Delivery drivers build long-term customer relationships by knowing everything from customers’ names, to the exact spots where they prefer to receive drop-offs and pick-ups. Unfortunately, route scheduling issues can negatively impact customer relationships with late deliveries and missed time windows. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes coordination between dispatchers and drivers to mitigate routing problems. Wise Systems can help.

Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatch and Routing software gives you unparalleled capabilities to meet your customer service and fleet efficiency goals. For leading business products and services delivery fleets, Wise Systems’ next-generation routing system delivers:

  • Responsive delivery routes powered by real-time algorithms to avoid delays
  • The ability to automatically rearrange stops to meet time-window commitments
  • An easy-to-use mobile app for drivers, enabling them to seamlessly log arrival and departure times, resequence stops, if necessary, capture customer signatures, and record customer-specific service notes
  • Fleet-wide visibility for dispatchers, giving them real-time views of fleet locations and delivery status, and the ability to monitor progress against plans and respond to driver needs
  • A customer portal that enables delivery recipients to see their delivery status, including updated delivery times
  • Machine learning capabilities that continuously monitor all available data to optimize fleet performance over time
  • Integration with third-party systems

Many teams integrate Wise Systems with their traditional transportation management software to add dynamic and real-time routing to their delivery operations, leveraging Wise Systems’ easy-to-use, cloud-based platform to meet the demands of today’s on-demand customers.

To succeed in today’s highly competitive world, business products and services companies must provide excellent products at competitive prices, as well as high-quality customer service to distinguish them from other providers. A next-generation route optimization system is the key

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