Less than Truckload (LTL)


The definition of dynamic.

Less than truckload shipping operates in a challenging environment. Dispatchers managing city operations have little time between when delivery orders are received and when they need to be dispatched. Drivers must be ready at a moment’s notice to make pickups throughout the day as calls come in. There are few tools to help dispatchers manage these highly dynamic operations and ensure that they deliver on customer expectations without sacrificing efficiency.

Successful LTL fleets must:

  • Efficiently execute planned deliveries and scheduled pickups
  • Respond rapidly to pick up requests on the fly
  • Have fleet-wide visibility for dispatchers
  • Let customers know when to expect their deliveries and pickups to ensure customer satisfaction, and minimize delays
  • Optimize performance for maximum profitability fleet efficiency

For many LTL fleets, traditional route optimization software lacks the flexibility and responsiveness to meet the industry’s challenges. Wise Systems can help. Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatch and Routing is ideally suited to the dynamic LTL environment. With Wise Systems:

  • Dispatchers can quickly develop route plans and track drivers’ progress throughout the day, and seamlessly dispatch orders on the fly.
  • Dispatchers have fleet-wide visibility and real-time views of vehicle locations and delivery status, as well as the ability to monitor progress against plans, and quickly respond to driver needs
  • The system creates and manages responsive delivery routes powered by real-time algorithms to avoid delays, and automatically re-sequences stops to ensure critical time windows are met.
  • Applications for dispatchers and drivers enable both parties to share information with a few clicks on a screen and taps on a mobile device — a safer and more efficient alternative to excel sheets and back-and-forth phone calls.
  • Drivers can communicate changes in the schedule to dispatchers (e.g., unexpected full loading docks or unplanned construction), so drivers and dispatchers can stay in sync.
  • The system detects when pickups or deliveries will be late and automatically adapts the schedule to avoid delays.
  • Drivers have an easy-to-use mobile app that enables them to seamlessly log arrival and departure times, resequence stops if necessary, capture customer signatures, and record customer-specific service notes.
  • Delivery recipients can see their delivery status, including updated delivery times, via the Customer Portal.
  • Machine learning capabilities continuously monitor all available data to optimize fleet performance over time.
  • Machine learning algorithms can use historical data to plan future routes in accordance with the likelihood that drivers will be in the right place at the right time when new pickups and drop offs arise.

To succeed in the competitive LTL arena, fleets must race the clock to complete as many drop offs and pickups as possible. Wise Systems is dynamic and nimble enough to help with LTLs’ ever-changing operations. With Wise Systems, empower your dispatchers and drivers to increase your fleet’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Many teams integrate Wise Systems with their traditional transportation management software to add dynamic and real-time routing to their delivery operations, leveraging Wise Systems’ easy-to-use platform to meet the demands of today’s customers.

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