Fleet Management Software For Parcel Companies

One of the most demanding sectors of the logistics industry is the parcel business. These fleets are at the heart of the modern economy, transporting a variety of materials — from prescriptions and medical samples to packages for e-commerce. But the challenge for most of these teams is to balance efficiency with responsiveness, as they manage planned routes alongside fully on-demand routes while striving to maintain competitive customer service levels.

We can solve for common challenges:

Increases in on-time delivery percentages

Decreases in delivery refusals

Reduced fleet miles

Responsive delivery routes powered by real-time algorithms to avoid delays

The ability to automatically rearrange stops to meet time-window commitments

An easy-to-use mobile app for drivers

Providing delivery visibility to customers

Wise Systems’ next-generation dispatch and routing platform is designed to support today’s dynamic parcel operations. Wise Systems handles high delivery volumes and adapts to changes and on-demand orders throughout the day to make sure operations are always optimized. Wise Systems’ intuitive application makes it easy to ramp up your delivery team and contract drivers, and simple for dispatchers to build plans and respond to incoming requests.

How Wise Systems Helps

Wise Systems’ cloud-based Autonomous Dispatch and Routing software enables parcel fleets to meet customer service and fleet efficiency goals.

  • Our easy-to-use platform is easily adopted
  • Our software integrates seamlessly with third party systems
  • Algorithms work in real time, alongside your fleet
  • Machine learning gets better over time, which translates to your fleet

And that’s only the beginning:

Route Planner

Route Planner lets you

  • Choose static, dynamic or hybrid routing
  • Create and optimize routes on a live interactive map
  • Build out preferences days in advance or update in real time
  • Choose static, dynamic or hybrid routing

Dispatcher lets you

  • Dispatch automatically for on-demand orders
  • Edit routes to optimize or transfer
  • View real time ETAs, traffic, status, and inventories

Driver lets you

  • View real time ETAs, traffic, status, and inventories
  • Share key driver knowledge
  • Choose static, dynamic or hybrid routing
Customer Portal

Customer Portal lets you

  • Provide customers with tracking on a live map
  • Customize with branded experience
Mobile Merchandiser

Mobile Merchandiser lets you

  • Keep team seamlessly informed of fleet status
  • Maintain complex schedules with re-loads

With Wise Systems, we’re implementing technology and processes we could never imagined even a few years ago.”

Joaquin Schlottmann, VP Logistics
T2 North America, Anheuser-Busch

It’s been making our business better because we’re able to make better informed decisions based off the data we now have.”

Stephen Saldate Operations Analyst

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