Press • Jun 9th 2021

Wise Systems adds barcode scanning to driver app

A fast and easy way for last-mile drivers to validate package pickup and delivery

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Wise Systems, the leading AI-driven routing and dispatching platform provider, today announced barcode scanning in its Driver App. Available in both the iOS and Android versions, barcode scanning ensures that every package is accounted for from the vehicle to the doorstep.

The new barcode scanning feature gives delivery drivers a fast and intuitive way to manage packages directly from their mobile devices. This, and all other features in the Driver App from Wise Systems, are specifically optimized for local and last-mile drivers, ensuring seamless deliveries, and helping drivers stay on schedule.

“For many organizations, drivers are the face of the business, and the quality of the service they deliver directly impacts customers’ perceptions of a company and brand,” said Ali Kamil, CTO and co-founder of Wise Systems. “Supporting these customer-facing professionals with tools that enable them to perform their jobs as easily as possible is a key priority for us, and this powerful and easy-to-use new capability supports that goal.”

Barcode scanning is used by last-mile delivery fleets across virtually all industries, including parcel and courier, e-commerce fulfillment, food and beverage, and others to validate chain of custody for parcels and inventory.

Drivers using the new barcode scanning feature typically scan orders twice. The first scan is when loading their vehicles; drivers open the app and scan the barcodes that correspond to items to be delivered to each stop. This ensures that all items on the route are accounted for and loaded onto the vehicle before the driver leaves the depot. The second scan occurs when they reach a stop and scan the relevant package(s) that are being delivered to that customer. This confirms the details of the delivery, including timestamp and location, and shows dispatchers this information in real-time in the dispatcher web portal. Managers also have access to scan reports for recordkeeping and reference.

The Driver App from Wise Systems gives delivery drivers everything they need in one, easy-to-use app on their mobile device. The app includes interactive routes that show both map and list views of stop sequences, as well as key order information. It also includes navigation options, customer notes, proof of delivery (barcode scanning, photos, and signature capture), and customer notifications to help drivers offer the best customer service throughout the delivery day.

About Wise Systems
Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems provides AI-driven dispatch and routing software that enables the perfect delivery experience. For last-mile operations that want to compete successfully in a dynamic world, the Wise Systems platform continuously improves fleet efficiency, performance, and customer service and reduces fleet mileage, carbon footprint and late deliveries. Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

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