Press • May 17th 2023

Wise Systems and IntelliShift Unveil New Partnership
for End-to-End Fleet Intelligence

Cambridge, MA, May 17, 2023 — Wise Systems and IntelliShift today announced a new partnership and integrated solution to bring end-to-end fleet intelligence to customers. By combining Wise Systems’ delivery automation platform with IntelliShift’s telematics data, customers have access to highly accurate and reliable fleet intelligence platform data to power next-level delivery automation. With this tightly integrated solution, businesses know exactly where their assets are in the field to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, and drivers’ delivery days are streamlined. 

“For last-mile operators, on-time performance, accuracy, and reliability are paramount,” said Erin Blair, Wise Systems’ VP of Strategic Partnerships. “This new partnership addresses these needs by combining Wise Systems’ delivery automation platform with IntelliShift’s fleet intelligence, simplifying the process of creating a broader and more connected network of solutions for this critical business function.” 

The Wise Systems and IntelliShift solution combines Dispatcher from Wise Systems with Intellishift telematics device data to offer an extended fleet intelligence platform featuring real-time status updates and on-demand dispatching. Data from IntelliShift’s devices enhances features within Wise Systems, including auto-arrive and auto-depart capabilities, with even more precise vehicle-location data. 

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Wise Systems,” said Greg Mattes, VP of Product and Partnerships at IntelliShift. “The integration provides highly accurate and reliable fleet intelligence platform data to power next-level delivery automation such as auto-arrive and auto-depart capabilities and planned vs actual reporting. Over the next 12 months, we will expand out 2-way syncing of data such as Driver Assignments.” 

About IntelliShift

IntelliShift is powerful fleet intelligence made simple. Designed to solve safety and operational challenges, it is the solution that enables businesses with fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment to easily access all fleet operations data in a single platform. Leveraging 20+ years of expertise in business and hundreds of years collectively as fleet experts, IntelliShift delivers deep fleet data insights to drive better business outcomes. As a trusted partner to mobile and field operations spanning construction, field service, utilities, and last-mile delivery markets, our client-centric approach ensures a seamless deployment, easy integration with existing solutions, and immediate returns through increased productivity, improved safety metrics, and demonstrable reduction in costs per asset. We are proud to work with leading construction brands ​including Equix, Aldridge Electric, and Stavola. For more information visit ​​

About Wise Systems

Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems is a delivery automation platform that streamlines every step of last-mile delivery operations. For teams that want to strike the perfect balance between customer experience and operational efficiency, the Wise Systems platform continuously improves customer service and fleet efficiency, and reduces fleet mileage, carbon footprint, and late deliveries. Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

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