Press • Jul 27th 2018

Wise Systems Debuts New Customer Portal

New product gives customers visibility into delivery process

Cambridge, MA – Wise Systems, the leader in autonomous dispatching and routing software for high-performance fleets, today announced the availability of its new Customer Portal. This new addition to the Wise Systems Autonomous Dispatching and Routing platform gives delivery companies the ability to share key information about deliveries with their customers.

Delivery recipients receive an email or text link and can track the driver’s progress throughout the day, including seeing driver’s location on the map and an estimated time of arrival (ETA). ETAs are updated throughout the day based on real-time traffic, driver progress, and service times at other locations. Customers can also receive notifications in real-time if there are delays or when the driver is about to arrive. The portal helps delivery recipients plan their day, and reduces delays caused by customers not prepared to receive deliveries.

“Many of our clients distinguish their businesses with excellent customer service, and clear, accurate communication is one of the foundations of delivering on that promise,” said Ali Kamil, Wise Systems co-founder and head of technology. “We’re delighted to unveil the new Customer Portal so that our customers can communicate seamlessly with their recipients, letting them know precisely when their delivery will arrive.”

Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatching and Routing Platform

Wise Systems is a next-generation routing software platform that automatically schedules routes, monitors routes in progress, and intelligently adjusts to day-of delays on the ground. With embedded machine learning, the cloud-based system continuously learns from fleet data to improve decision making over time. The system includes: Scheduler, On-Demand Dispatch, Dispatcher, Driver, Analytics and, now, Customer Portal.

The system features web-based planning and execution tools specifically designed for operations teams who plan and manage routes, a mobile application for drivers, as well as additional capabilities for customers and field-based teams who need visibility into delivery status. Wise Systems can be used on a standalone basis, or integrated with other systems to bring dynamic capabilities to fleets across a variety of industries. Wise Systems is ideal for use in food and beverage, parcel delivery, passenger transportation, retail, auto parts, LTL, field service, business products, and numerous industries, as well.

Wise Systems customers typically see an 80% reduction in late deliveries and 15% decrease in fleet miles, while improving fleet utilization by 15-20%.

About Wise Systems
Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems provides next-generation dispatch and routing software that helps our customers compete successfully in an increasingly dynamic world. Wise Systems’ Autonomous Dispatch and Routing platform automatically schedules routes, monitors routes in progress, and intelligently adjusts to day-of delays on the ground, using machine learning to continuously improve fleet efficiency, performance, and service over time. For more information, visit

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