Press • Jun 5th 2023

Wise Systems Expands Solutions Portfolio with New Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence Applications

End-to-end platform handles planning, execution, coordination and analysis for food, beverage, industrial, courier, and other B2B and B2C delivery fleets

Cambridge, MA, June 5, 2023 — Wise Systems, the leading provider of AI-driven delivery automation technology for last-mile operations, today announced two new additions to its solutions portfolio. The new products, Wise Systems Strategic Planner and Wise Systems Performance Manager, give last-mile delivery fleets additional capabilities for managing the delivery process, from territory planning and route building through delivery execution and performance analysis. 

“The end-to-end delivery process is highly complex, requiring systems and applications that streamline and automate every step of the way, and that meet the unique needs of each operation,” said Layla Shaikley, Wise Systems’ Cofounder and Head of Product. “Our goal is to offer a complete platform comprising best-in-class applications that serve the full delivery life cycle. These new additions give customers the opportunity to manage their operations with the expanded Wise Systems portfolio of applications, or integrate the specific modules that complement their existing systems.” 

Wise Systems’ Strategic Planner is a long-term planning tool that gives distribution planners the ability to manage their operations and adapt to changes in customer base and order volume. It generates repeatable delivery schedules and territories that create alignment and predictability for distribution assets (drivers, vehicles, depots) with plans that factor current and historical customer delivery schedules and order volumes, as well as requirements that respect driver, vehicle, and customer conditions. Plan results are then used to inform daily operations in Route Planner, Wise Systems’ daily routing application. 

Performance Manager is a business intelligence application that provides managers and executives with the ability to perform detailed analyses of planned versus actual route performance, on-time delivery percentages, and more to identify areas for improvement and optimize route efficiency. Managers can compare Wise Systems’ optimized route plan, dispatcher’s final edits, and driver actuals to illustrate variances in time and distance across  sites, regions and drivers. Performance Manager also offers driver task volume insights, which compares driver assignments to highlight potential inefficiencies and imbalances, improve route adherence, and improve driver satisfaction. 

The Wise Systems Platform

Designed for B2B and B2C delivery operations that want to maximize both efficiency and customer service, the Wise Systems delivery automation platform offers easy-to-use applications for planning, executing, communicating and analyzing the end-to-end process for last-mile delivery fleets. The web and mobile applications are designed for planners, dispatchers, drivers, managers and delivery recipients, and are optimized for each role. In addition, the Wise Systems platform integrates seamlessly with leading ERP, OMS, WMS and telematics providers to ensure the free flow of data through customers’ transportation ecosystems. 

About Wise Systems

Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems is a delivery automation platform that streamlines every step of last-mile delivery operations. For teams that want to strike the perfect balance between customer experience and operational efficiency, the Wise Systems platform continuously improves customer service and fleet efficiency, and reduces fleet mileage, carbon footprint, and late deliveries. Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit


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