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Celebrating Excellence: 7 Drivers Who Go the Extra Mile

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

It’s no secret that last-mile drivers have tough jobs and wear many hats. In fact, for many delivery recipients, drivers are the Chief Brand Ambassadors – the face of the company they work for – and are responsible for meeting and exceeding customers’ rising expectations. But customer service is only part of the job. Before getting to each customer, every driver is juggling a full list of concerns, navigating fluctuating road conditions (traffic and weather), adhering to customer time windows, sorting out parking at every stop, and more. At Wise Systems, we wanted to celebrate the drivers in our customers’ organizations. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a difference like hearing a manager or a colleague say that you’re doing a fantastic job and they value all your hard work. To that end, we recently asked our clients to nominate drivers on their teams who go above and beyond at every stop. Here are profiles of seven drivers who go the extra mile (pun intended), with kudos from the person who recognized them.

Meet the drivers

Sean, Mussetter Distributing

“Sean is one of the hardest working drivers we have. Sean uses Wise every day and does an outstanding job of updating his time windows and any necessary notes. Not only does he go above and beyond to do his job correctly, he treats all customers with the utmost respect which is huge to us here at Mussetter. He is a great example of what we look for in any new hire, driver, and long-term employee. We are lucky to have him.”

Jonathan, Lyft

“Jonathan always strives for amazing service for our LMS customers consistently. He always informs us of what is happening before, during, and after. Jonathan also displays pride in his work as a result the market has doubled its revenues.”

Elvis, City Beverages

“Elvis always has a positive attitude and goes out of his way to ensure our customers are happy!”

Marvin, Wantz Distributors

“Marvin has an unmatched commitment to the team and our success.”

Clarissa, Lyft

“Clarissa is passionate about her job, and she always goes the extra mile for her customers. She handles ambiguity in the field very well and always has a positive attitude.”

Jacob Gilmer, Wantz Distributors

“His positive attitude and willingness to always help anyone he can!”

Harry, Wantz Distributors

“Harry is always willing to go above and beyond. He is also willing to stop and help other team members, even if that means he is going to have a late day.”

From Wise Systems, thank you.

We realize that drivers do so much more than just drive. To show our gratitude, Wise Systems has given each of these drivers an Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation for the work they’re doing.

Are you looking to support the drivers in your organization and increase driver retention? Here are four ways to better support your drivers.

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