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Delivery Automation for Parcel & Courier Fleets

Delivery volumes are always increasing. While this climb in demand impacts many industries, it places the greatest pressure on parcel and courier fleets that deliver large volumes of packages for a variety of customers. These customers expect deliveries to be made on time, and expect real-time access into delivery status  – even for same and next-day deliveries.

How can your parcel and courier delivery company meet these rising expectations?  Tackle route planning for ultra-high delivery volumes with automatic route planning tools that simplify route and stop visualization. Empower drivers with delivery driver apps that put all of the tools your drivers need in the palm of their hands. Give dispatchers real-time visibility into delivery execution for faster decision making. And, offer that same real-time visibility to your customers for easy access to delivery status and automated notifications sent via SMS and email.  

The most advanced parcel and courier delivery companies employ machine learning algorithms that learn alongside their fleet, using data from on the road to make decisions regarding rerouting, driver selections for last minute orders, and more so that dispatchers and managers can manage by exception and focus on improving the customer experience. 

Improving the customer experience in the last mile is all about speed and efficiency. Modern solutions, like the Wise Systems delivery automation platform, enable seamless integrations with your systems of record. From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Order Management (OMS), Warehouse Management (WMS) to Employee Management (EMS), integrations enable you to more quickly place orders into route plans, packages onto vehicles, and invoices your customer’s inbox for an accelerated order-to-cash process. 

Wise Systems enables teams across your parcel and courier delivery fleet to enact the best process for planning, reviewing and managing daily routes so you can:

  • Maximize packages per hour
  • Decrease time spent planning daily routes
  • Scale up to meet increasing demand
  • Manage fluctuating driver availability
  • Quickly onboard your teams with easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Easily handle on-demand pickups and deliveries
  • Make decisions quickly with algorithms that work alongside your fleet
  • Enable more informed fleet management with machine learning that improves over time

Download this brochure to learn more about how you can empower your fleet to compete with delivery automation for parcel & courier fleets. Then, explore our site to discover Wise Systems and reach out for a free demo.

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