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Donaghy Sales Case Study

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Digital Transformation strategies aim to not just modernize infrastructure, but ultimately aim to unlock the benefits that digitization brings – automation, efficiency, and improved customer service for your fleet operations. Read how Donaghy Sales, a growing beverage distribution company located in Fresno, California, kicked off a strategic initiative to maximize efficiency in their route scheduling operations. Led by Operations Analyst, Stephen Saldate, the Donaghy team focused on a digital transformation strategy that would leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and optimize their last-mile planning.

“One of the biggest impacts it’s had is on our decision-making process, helping us understand what’s going on live when [drivers are] on the trucks; what’s happening out there. With both the real-time visibility and historical data, we can pull that data in and use it. It’s been making our business better because we’re able to make better-informed decisions based on the data we now have.”

– Stephen Saldate, Operations Analyst

In this case study, we explore Donaghy’s last-mile transformation journey from start to finish, as we cover topics such as:

  • How to successfully implement Wise Systems’ next-generation routing software and the benefits
  • Building trust with your customers across the last mile
  • Mining routing data to transformation your fleet operations

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