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How Barcodes Contribute to the Perfect Delivery Experience

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Barcode scanning has become such an integral part of our lives that we almost don’t notice it anymore. From supermarket checkouts to event tickets to restaurant menus, scanning a barcode has become a ubiquitous experience. It’s a fast, easy way to encode information and then access it.

Barcodes represent data in a visual, machine-readable form. The initial 1D barcodes use parallel lines of varying widths and spacings based on Morse code that was extended to thick and thin bars. Although the barcode was patented in 1951, it didn’t become commercially successful until the 1970s with the automation of supermarket checkout systems. Later, 2D barcodes – such as QR codes – were developed. These data matrix codes are still often called barcodes although they are composed of dots arranged in a square or rectangular pattern.

Barcode Scanning and Last-Mile Delivery Fleets

For last-mile delivery fleets, barcode scanning is a building block for the perfect delivery experience, which is why we’re excited to unveil this new feature. With barcode scanning now integrated into the Driver App from Wise Systems, drivers can perform more of their tasks within a single app and don’t require separate handheld hardware. Since its first version, our Driver app has been designed as a driver’s all-in-one information center and CRM (customer relationship manager), offering an intuitive way to support drivers as they perform the many tasks involved with their delivery days.

At the start of the day, scanning barcodes is a quick way for drivers to confirm that they have the right packages on their vehicles during outbound loading. Drivers scan each package again at the point of delivery to confirm the time and location of the delivery. In addition, barcode scanning provides greater visibility for dispatchers and managers, who can access driver-specific and fleet-wide scan reports. With barcode scanning, there are fewer missing or misplaced items, fewer delays for the driver, which ultimately contributes to better customer service.

Why is Barcode Scanning Critical for Perfect Deliveries?

So why is adding barcode scanning critical for perfect deliveries? From inventory acceptance to delivery confirmation, barcode scanning is the speediest and lowest-friction way for drivers to ensure that they have the right merchandise – whether that is boxes, bottles, or bed frames – loaded into their trucks. It informs the driver of the stop sequence, helping them to determine the order in which they should load their vehicle, while providing security, validating when a delivery is complete. Designed with the drivers in mind, barcode scanning is a logical addition to the driver’s perfect delivery toolkit.

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