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Introducing a New Integration | Encompass Technologies

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

For our beverage customers, Wise Systems is pleased to announce a new partnership with Encompass Technologies. Encompass’ RAS is used in more than 600 beverage distribution warehouses to increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. For Encompass customers who want to improve customer service, increase fleet efficiency and add dynamic routing to their fleets, this new partnership makes the process even easier. It also brings the power of Wise Systems’ machine learning to their operations for continuous improvements.

When it comes to next-generation routing technologies, a key requirement is integration with enterprise software platforms already in use. After all, orders typically live elsewhere, either an order management, ERP, or — in the beverage industry — a route accounting software (RAS) system. In all cases, those orders need to be seamlessly shared with the routing system, then route plans returned for vehicle packing.

“With the new integration between the Wise Systems and Encompass Technologies platforms, we’re automating a previously manual process and minimizing the opportunity for human error, which is often introduced in a typical spreadsheet-based data in/data out process,” said Erich Wolters, VP of Sales at Wise Systems. “Additionally, this pre-built integration accelerates time to deployment for our joint customers.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Wise Systems, and are glad to have their solutions as part of our ecosystem,” said Bill Kraich, VP Professional Services of Encompass Technologies. “We pride ourselves on offering a highly customizable system that gives our beverage industry customers the opportunity to work with the solutions that best meet their needs, and Wise Systems is a terrific option for them.”

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