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The Driver App from Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Whether your fleet delivers beverages, food, office supplies, industrial products or small parcels, your delivery drivers are working hard to execute their daily route plans and deliver excellent customer service, as well. It’s a demanding job that involves so much more than simply navigating between stops. Yes, there are road conditions and traffic en route, but the complicated part of delivery drivers’ days are around the deliveries themselves – the merchandise, parcel or service, the location and parking, and the customer interaction. 

The Driver App from Wise Systems is designed to support every step of delivery drivers’ days. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it features a beautiful and intuitive interface and a powerful set of tools for managing every aspect of the delivery day, including:

  • Routes and sequences – Delivery drivers can see their delivery routes in either list or map views. And, if allowed, they can resequence their stop orders with a simple drag-and-drop. 
  • Automatic resequencing – If the Wise Systems platform sees delays occurring in a drivers day that might put later stops at risk for late deliveries, it can automatically rearrange stop orders (if allowed for that fleet) and automatically share the updated plan to drivers in real time. 
  • Navigation options – Within the Driver App, delivery drivers can access the navigation platform they prefer or that their organization prefers. Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps are all options. And, for fleets with larger vehicles, HERE Truck Routing is also an option ensuring that drivers and their vehicles stay on vehicle-appropriate routes to minimize moving violations and maximize safety. 
  • Order details and ETAs – The Driver App from Wise Systems gives delivery drivers precise details about every order on their vehicle, and provides accurate ETAs. 
  • Proof of delivery – The Driver App from Wise Systems supports multiple methods for proof of delivery, including signature capture, barcode scanning or photos. 
  • Driver notes – Drivers carry a vast amount of information in their heads, most of which isn’t tracked in any other systems of record. Driver Notes within the Driver App allow drivers to capture that information for use at a later time or for use by other drivers. For example, passcode information for buildings or loading docks or contact information for the person to check in with at the desk (who may not be the recipient). These details speed up delivery execution and improve customer satisfaction, as well. 

Drivers Already Have a Mobile Application? 

Alternatively, if your delivery drivers already have a mobile application that they use, Wise Systems can share key information with that application via API integration, as well. 

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