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The Perfect Delivery Experience

As customers’ delivery expectations continue to rise, the question is whether you are defining those expectations or working to keep up with the competition?

Think about the best delivery experiences you’ve had. Most likely, you knew when the delivery would arrive ahead of time, were given notification about the delivery’s status up until delivery, and received your order on time as promised. If not, the representative you worked with was empowered to make things right without delay. Those experiences told you a lot about the company making the delivery, and how they cared about you as a customer. In return, you’ve probably rewarded them with your loyalty and repeat business, and perhaps even referred others to that company.

Today, as those perfect delivery experiences become more commonplace – driven by category leaders including Uber or Amazon – expectations are rising from commercial recipients in the last-mile.

So, how do you empower your delivery teams to make a lasting impression on your customers with more frequent perfect-delivery experiences? Let’s break it down by role:

Drivers are the face of delivery operations, and need tools to help them: 

  • See and manage their daily routes
  • Stay on schedule
  • Get the information they need when they need it
  • Execute deliveries and capture proof of delivery,
  • Share customer-specific information back to the team

Dispatchers support your drivers to ensure deliveries are made on time, and must have tools that empower them to:

  • Get real-time, fleet-wide visibility into route execution
  • Quickly drill down into stop-specific information like vehicle inventories
  • Quickly assign last-minute orders to the most appropriate driver 
  • Report on the day’s performance

Fleet managers are focused on improving fleet performance and customer service simultaneously, and need tools that enable them to:

  • Have visibility into delivery driver locations, from a desktop or mobile app
  • Track VIP orders and routes
  • Give customers one place to track their deliveries

Route execution in the last mile is complex, and every second counts, so perfect deliveries must rely on elements your customers will never interact with. Algorithms and automations can free up your team focus on excellent customer service by:

  • Automating the route-building process to save your planners and dispatchers numerous hours per day/week/month/year. 
  • Optimizing routes during planning for more accurate ETAs
  • Calculating distance, fuel costs, driver skill, and more to help dispatchers find the most appropriate drivers more quickly when new orders come in
  • Ensuring routes don’t overlap when you don’t want them to
  • Giving customers real-time insight into delivery progress
  • Sending notifications to customers based on order location
  • Integrating with your entire ecosystem to streamline the entire order-to-cash process

Last-mile delivery fleets across industries are empowering their teams to offer perfect delivery experiences with the Wise Systems delivery automation platform. The Wise Systems platform includes a portfolio of cloud-based apps that are as powerful as they are easy-to-use, and integrations that enable companies to improve customer service while maximizing fleet efficiency.

Download the resource, The Perfect Delivery Experience, and watch the webinar, Recipe for a Perfect Delivery, below to learn more

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