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What is Delivery Notification Software?

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Delivery notification software enables companies to alert their customers about arrival times for their deliveries. Delivery notifications are provided by many business-to-consumer companies and are increasingly prevalent in business-to-business deliveries. Business customers often have to accept large numbers of deliveries, so letting the receiving manager know when to expect a truck is an increasingly popular feature. Some delivery notification software provides a simple time window, while other systems offer real-time map views in addition to estimated times of arrival (ETAs). Keep reading to learn more about Wise Systems’ delivery notification software and how it can help your business operations today.

Types of Notifications

Wise Systems’ delivery notification software provides updates to both your customers and your team. Our software provides important notifications throughout the delivery process, including real-time ETAs, which are automatically sent as deliveries occur. Our software also notifies dispatchers where drivers are throughout the delivery day, more specifically when drivers arrive at and depart from each location. Teams also have clear status indicators — green for on-time, yellow for at-risk, and red for late, which both customers and the management team can see.

Benefits of Delivery Notification Software

Wise Systems’ delivery notification software provides clear visibility to your management and dispatch team as well as to your customers. It also allows for you to find the areas that may need improvement to ensure efficiency in your operations. Because our software shows driving routes and work patterns of each driver, they will be more motivated to perform, which will increase productivity and lower late arrivals. This also helps give your customers a clear understanding of when to expect the delivery, eliminating calls between customers and your team, and increase customer satisfaction.

Contact Wise Systems

Real-time visibility is a must-have for high-performing fleets, and Wise Systems delivers. Wise Systems’ cloud-based dispatch software was specifically created to address dispatchers’ and operations teams’ needs by giving them an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that shows locations of all vehicles on the road, current road conditions, and real-time delivery ETAs. If you are interested in incorporating our software to improve your fleet operation, please contact Wise System today or request a demo

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