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What is Dynamic Routing Software?

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Dynamic routing software was developed to provide fleets manage routes and optimize operations. Traditional routing methods for fleets include creating static routes on a quarterly or yearly basis that do not change. However, dynamic routing software chooses driver’s routes based on the delivery location and the closest driver. Dynamic routing helps to ensure on-time delivery and improve customer satisfaction. Wise Systems’ dynamic route planning software considers many different factors while planning routes, including new orders, driver availability, time windows, load constraints, traffic weather, and more. Every day our software develops a new route sequence for fleet drivers based on these factors.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Routing Software?

With Wise System’s dynamic route planning software, companies are able to improve operations, gain insights on fleets, and fulfill customer expectations. Read more about the advantages of dynamic route planning software:

Increase On-Time Deliveries:

Wise Systems’ routing software will consider many factors before picking out routes. The software will pick out the most optimal routes and update with alternative routes if there is traffic or other issues. Because of this, drivers’ routes will have fewer delays and more on-time deliveries.

Estimated Time of Delivery:

With dynamic route planning software, fleets are able to provide customers with more accurate delivery information. Since drivers’ routes are planned thoroughly, the software can provide customers with more precise and reliable information about ETAs. This software also allows for more communication between drivers and customers, with updates on delays or other important information.

Reduce Last-Mile Costs:

Because our dynamic routing software will schedule and choose optimal routes for drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers will be able to spend less time building and planning the routes themselves. This will allow dispatchers and managers to have more time to review insights and driver performance that can improve operational efficiency. With dynamic routing software choosing the quickest and most efficient routes, the costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance will be lowered

Utilize Wise Systems Dynamic Routing Software

If your company is interested in utilizing dynamic routing software to improve your fleet efficiency, please contact Wise Systems by filling out an online contact form. If you want to learn more about our software and how it works, visit our resources page or request a demo of our software today!

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