With a comprehensive last-mile routing and dispatch platform and experienced teams passionate about simplifying the complexities of the final mile, Wise Systems streamlines route planning, dispatching, driver management and fleet-wide visibility and more. With the perfect balance of power and ease of use, we help clients modernize last-mile route execution to fuel their business growth. 

Wise Systems’ People

Wise Systems is more than a technology suite; it is a collective of talented, client-oriented individuals who work together toward the common mission of revolutionizing the last mile. While our technologies are second to none, it is our people that allow us to deliver true value.

Wise Systems’ Users

We work with clients to implement meaningful cost savings strategies and streamline points of friction during last-mile route execution  in industries including:


Retail and Wholesale distributors, such as food or beverage distributors who depend on Wise Systems to ensure their goods make it to customers during the agreed upon timeframe for delivery.


Commercial and Industrial clients, such as linen and laundry service providers who scan loads on and off vehicles as they pick up and drop off orders for their customers.


Manufacturers, who must ensure on-site teams are notified when drivers are near so they can be ready to unload once the driver pulls up.


Parcel logistics companies, who depend on dynamic routing to take on last-minute orders and get deliveries moving again quickly when delays occur.


In each of these industries drivers are the face of the company. Drivers rely on Wise Systems to ensure they have all details of their delivery day – from navigation to delivery information – to enhance the customer service experience.

Wise Systems’ Solutions

Everyone at Wise Systems knows that there’s more to solving last-mile challenges than writing code. Especially with the complexities and variables inherent in the last-mile. Building successful solutions requires the collective efforts of passionate people with shared industry knowledge working on intelligent processes that influence cutting-edge technology — the Wise Systems platform.

What Is the Wise Systems platform?

The modular Wise Systems platform is built around the Wise Systems Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE). The DOE synthesizes your priorities and delivery constraints with real-time traffic data, historical weather data, road closure information, and established traffic flow trends (such as rush hour) and uses  algorithms to increase your organization’s route efficiency. Then, role-specific applications can be used independently to support multiple teams and groups, including:

  • Route Planners and Dispatchers
  • Drivers and Field personnel
  • Customers
  • Managers and Merchandisers

When all modules of the Wise Systems platform are used in concert, you can execute more efficient routes while facilitating seamless communication with customers and teams across your organization. You can also integrate Wise Systems modules with other systems of record in an a la carte fashion. See how Wise Systems can empower your teams to meet the complexities of the last-mile.

Planners and Dispatchers

Successful route execution starts with a plan. Route planners can plan more quickly with the Route Planner web application from Wise Systems. Route Planner sends upcoming order information to the DOE, which builds and optimizes routes based on historical data and your business and customer constraints — such as geographical zones, customer time windows, vehicle information, driver schedules, and more  From there, planners can easily review and adjust plans before dispatching to drivers. 

After dispatching, the Wise Systems Dispatcher web application enables dispatchers to send routes to drivers, then assign last-minute stops, make real-time adjustments to routes, and monitor the status of outbound loads with full visibility and precise vehicle location tracking — all from an intuitive interface that enables faster decision making.  


On the road, drivers use the Driver mobile app from Wise Systems (available on iOS and Android), as their one-stop shop for everything related to their routes, stops, and customers. From the app, drivers can review all scheduled deliveries, access turn-by-turn directions; and ensure proof of delivery or task completion with barcode scanning, photo capture, and eSignatures. Drivers’ knowledge about specific stops and customers can be shared using notes and parking pins, which enables more efficient stops in the future, and allows other drivers to run their routes if needed without impacting customer service.


No one enjoys being kept in the dark while waiting on a delivery or service. Customer Portal from Wise Systems empowers your organization to keep your customers informed without picking up the phone or manually sending notifications. Customers simply click an SMS or email link for real-time visibility into the status of their order and real-time driver location, tracking their shipment from the warehouse to the stop.

Managers and Merchandisers

You can’t manage what you can’t see. And with Wise Systems, fleet managers and retail merchandisers can access up-to-the-minute data on drivers and deliveries from anywhere via the Mobile Manager and Mobile Merchandiser apps. This real time visibility lets them effectively manage their assets and optimize operational efficiency without exchanging status texts with drivers and dispatchers.

So, Why Wise Systems?

Last-mile operations have long been highly complex and ripe for technology-driven innovation, which Wise Systems is driving with:

  • The Wise Systems DOE, a world-class route optimization engine developed to address the biggest last-mile logistics challenges, and integrations that connect the DOE to your existing technology stack for greater data transparency and easier information sharing.
  • Applications that give your teams the right balance of power and ease of use, for simpler planning and execution of more efficient routes.
  • Unparalleled usability for everyone in the process.
  • Superior customer service from people who share a passion for simplifying last-mile complexities and ensure clients can get the most out of their Wise Systems solutions. 
  • An eagerness to listen to users for improvements to our processes, systems, and technologies.

Cumulatively, it’s the technology and the people of Wise Systems that help organizations like yours reduce operating expenses, expedite delivery timetables, and improve the customer experience.

Learn More About Wise Systems 

Give us a call, or explore explore the rest of the site and see how Wise Systems’ final-mile management solutions can help your organization tap into all of the benefits outlined above and more. Whether you’re managing a growing group of vehicles or a massive fleet, your company can take advantage of the comprehensive portfolio of technologies and solutions offered by the talented, knowledgeable people of Wise Systems to meet your efficiency and customer service goals. 


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