Technical Partner: HERE Technologies

Wise Systems partners with HERE Technologies to offer truck navigation to drivers within the Wise Systems Driver app. For: Current Wise Systems customers

How it works

Integration in action

Benefits of the integration

Drivers can access HERE Maps truck navigation without switching between multiple applications.

Drivers can avoid illegal and unsafe roads, improving their delivery experience and minimizing fines, tickets, and issues.

Truck-specific routes help ensure on-time arrivals and strong customer service.


Selecting HERE

In the Driver App from Wise Systems, a driver selects HERE truck navigation.

Sending Data

Wise Systems sends coordinates for the driver’s location and the driver’s next stop to HERE via API integration.

Receiving Data

HERE determines the most efficient route to the stop, calculates the driver’s ETA, then sends the data to the Driver app.


The Driver app uses the data from HERE to display turn-by-turn directions, a route-path map overlay, and the ETA.

How do I enable the integration?

If you are a Wise Systems customer, this integration is already enabled and ready for use in the Driver app.

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