Technical Partner: Scandit

Wise Systems partners with Scandit to offer drivers state-of-the-art, enhanced barcode scanning from the Wise Systems' Driver app.

How it works

Integration in action

Benefits of integrating

Save drivers time throughout the day with easy access to Scandit scanning within the Driver app from Wise Systems.

Rapidly scan barcodes, and scan multiple barcodes at once – even in harsh environments.

Give drivers easy access to all package-related information from one screen.


Capturing Barcodes

Any time a driver needs to scan a package, they simply use the camera within the Driver app on their mobile device.

Sending Data

Pixel data is sent to Scandit from the Driver app. Scandit Smart Data Capture recognizes numbers and barcodes images.

Returning Data

Scandit displays package-related information to the driver in the Driver app. When scanning packages on or off, Scandit notifies the Wise Systems platform that the package has been scanned – updating dispatchers and inventory managers in real time.

How do I enable the integration?

If you are a Wise Systems customer, this integration is already enabled and ready for use in the Driver app.

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